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IELTS Essay - Parents and Overweight Children

by Malik

Overweight Children Essay

Overweight Children Essay

Parents of obese children should be punished for making their children overweight.

Do you agree or disagree?

It is argued that obese children’s parents should be held responsible and punished for making their children fat. They should be considerate about their children’s health. This essay agrees with this opinion because parents should take care of their children’s diet and should make them health cautious.

Parents have the power to take control of their children’s diet and make them eat healthy food. This will fulfill their children’s body needs which will help in their growth. Eating junk food is bad for health and will make children fat when consumed excessively. Fast foods, for instance, burgers and pizzas will cause obesity over long-term consumption. Hence, parents should make a proper diet plan and make their children follow it.

Parents, not only, should worry about their children’s health but should also make their children take care of themselves. Parents should make their children aware of the consequences of bad eating habits. They, for example, can show them what will happen to them like obesity if they consume junk food over a long period of time. This will make their children’s health cautious.

In conclusion, I would say that parents should give priority to their children and their health over all other things. They can give their children a healthy life by making their children eat good and nutritious food and stay away from junk food. Otherwise, not only obesity but blood pressure and many other diseases will damage their children’s life. Hence, they should be held accountable for their children’s health and fitness.

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