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IELTS Essay: Socialising Online

by Mahfy
(Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Nowadays, more people are choosing to socialise online rather than face to face.

Is this a positive or negative development?

It is a fact that, numerous people are choosing to socialize virtually rather than face to face. Personally, I think this kind of development is negative and, in this essay, I will support my view with examples.

Firstly, an online person may possess threat as they cannot be trusted properly. They might carry a fake identity as it is easier to open a social account with fake details. Therefore, it is easier to get scammed or get played by trust from such online friends. Conversely, a real-life friend is more trusted as they have a real identity and can be seen more often. Thus, it is difficult to lie face to face, they carry less lies compared to virtual friends.

Secondly, many people are getting addictive to the online social network. As online platforms have large audience and have more activities to enjoy with friends. As a result, many health complications are seen such as eyesight difficulties, obesity, and bad postures. For instance, resent research showed that 60% of adults in Dhaka who use digital devices have eyesight problems and 40% of adults have bad body posture. However, compared to virtual friends, hanging out with real life friends is more beneficial as it reduces online addiction. This may lead to much healthier life and environment to live on.

In conclusion, socializing online is a negative development to me as they convey threats, lack of trusts, carry more lies. People should engage more with real life friends as it provides more trusted, healthier, and secured life.

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