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IELTS Essay - Vegetarian Diet

by Shima

Vegetarian Diet or Meat?

Vegetarian Diet or Meat?

Everybody should adopt a vegeterian diet because eating meat can cause serious health problems.

Do you agree or disagree?

These days a number of folks prefer to have vegeterian diet instead of meat one, on the other hand, a bigger group of people don't accept these tragedies. Whereas, in my opinion eating meat is necessary for our healthiness indeed.

Having vegeterian eating habits would have a lot of benefits in every individual's life, for example it can help to rapid digestion especialy for ones who have suffered from intestine deases. Moreover, these group of people would insist on the rights of animals which we are eating them, they say that their primary rights such as not being killed should be considered. Furthermore, they believe that one specific law should be enacted related to punishment for those who would sacrifice innocent animals just for eating.

On the other hand, being a vegeterian isn't as pleasent as multipled individuals said. There are plenty of vitamins and required supplies which they are vital for our body. These kinds of minerals would be recieved to our body with eating meat, these appetite will keep up our muscles stronger compared with just eating vegetables.

Overall, I think that a healthy diet just as articles illustrate, consist of enough vegetables, meats, minerals and diary. Boldly, in our stressful and full of pollution society.

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