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IELTS Essay: Wildlife Peservation

by Kien Tran

Some people believe that too many resources and attention are devoted to the protection of wild animals and birds.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In recent decades, an unprecedented global increase in awareness of wildlife preservation has been recorded. There are those who are concerned that too much attention and allocation has been spent for this. This essay strongly disagrees with the statement and will elaborate on the evidence and give relevant examples.

It is undeniable that wildlife has economically benefited humans for centuries. First and foremost, agricultural production activities greatly rely on wildlife. To be more specific, without the intervention of wild animals, farming processes would deteriorate. This is because a great deal of wild species, such as bees, worms and several types of birds, play pivotal roles in the ecosystem which includes crops that are planted by farmers. Therefore, more resources should be aided in maintaining the biodiversity of the ecosystem, and the word ought to be spread to raise awareness amongst the community. Furthermore, protecting wild animals also means prosperity for the tourism market. Some species are exclusively indigenous to certain lands, and require tourists to travel in order to see them. To illustrate, kangaroos are a local species of Australia, and they have assisted the country’s economic growth significantly just by attracting international travelers. As a result, more resources should be subsidized to wildlife conservation as an investment for long-term benefits.

In spite of all the advantages wildlife preservation offers, some still argue that wild animals do not deserve that much concern. They claim that a portion of the fund for protecting wildlife should be invested in other fields such as scientific research and healthcare. However, such thinking is only valid to a limited extent, because what this argument fails to consider is the devastating result of an unbalanced and damaged ecosystem. Take bees as an example, they pollinate flowers in the process of producing honey, thus help plants grow and ensure the continuity of many other species, therefore without which the ecosystem will be completely devastated. Considering the current situation in the world, environmental habitats are being destroyed at an alarming rate despite the considerable effort that was put into conserving the environment. This implies that even more resources and effort must be put into protecting wild animals and habitats.

To conclude, wildlife is continuously being degraded globally, and more measures must be conducted to alleviate the damage and assist recovery. Any act of funding or propagating to raise international awareness should be appreciated.

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