IELTS Letter - Help with Environmental Project

by eseosa

Your local newspaper published an advertisement asking people to help with environment projects in your area.

Write a letter to a project manager to offer your help. In your letter

- Describe a local environmental issue that affects you.
- Explain what you would like to do help.
- And suggest how the problem could be avoided in future.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you in respect of the advertisement published last week Sunday 11th asking for help with environmental projects. I am delighted to volunteer to help.

Over the recent years, there has been build up of refuse on the streets and drainages leading to blockage. This has caused serious flooding in the area during rainy season.

To arrest this situation therefore, I will like to organise youths in the area and clean out drainages at least once a month. Together, we will ensure all areas are rid of refuse.

Thinking ahead, this situation can be prevented by government providing covered drainages to avoid blockage as well as sensitizing the community against emptying refuse into existing gutters.

I look forward to helping save the environment.

Yours Faithfully,
Eseosa Ebhohimen

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