IELTS Letter to a Newspaper Editor


You recently read an article in a newspaper about your childhood friend with whom you have lost contact for a long time.

Write a letter to the editor. In your letter:

- Say which edition and when did the article appear
- Explain why you lost contact with your friend
- Say how you want them to help you to get back in touch

Dear Sir,

This mail is in reference to an article on the chef of local cuisine titled "Thai Gourmet Specialist" published in your daily "Bangkok Post" in the 5th edition on the 7th of this month. I was overwhelmed after reading the article as it is about my friend Barry, a very dear childhood friend with whom I had lost contact for over a decade.

Barry and myself were born on the same day in the same hospital and were inseparable for most of our childhood. However, when we were in our grade 5, my father got transferred to another country for professional compulsion. We stayed in touch over letters for a few years, but unfortunately the contacts fizzled out over time as we got busy with our respective lives.

Coming across such an exceptional piece on Barry brought back memories from my childhood which are worth reminiscing. I would like to rekindle the friendship with Barry again and for that I request you to kindly inform me his contact details. If it is conflicts with your confidentiality protocol then I request you to kindly pass on my contact details and message to him.

I will be looking forward to your kind reply as well that of my friend's at the earliest.

Yours thankfully,


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