Invitation to Visit

by Maria

A friend invites you spend a holiday with him/her in another country. Write a letter to him/her. In your letter:

- Let him know that you can't make it
- Give reasons why you are not able to
- Ask if you can fix some other time to visit.

Dear Joe,

I am glad to hear from you, it quiet a long time. So good of you to have taught of me spending some with you in Cuba. I am highly honoured. All thing been equal, this could have been a great opportunity for me to see the Caribbean country. To see all the beautiful vallies, plateaus and beaches in Cuba could have be great, but unfortunately i can't make it due to my tight job schedule.

I just got a teaching job at state high school. It has been intense and time demanding. My class schedule include both part-time and full-time, meaning i work on weekend too. I have been working round the clock. To be honest with you am enjoying it. You remember me Jones his is my supervisor.

However, this term ends by October so i shall be free for six week from the beginning of November till mid December. so i will like to escape the winter cold here in Moscow and take out time to see the beauty of the Caribbean country. please let me know if i can visit yiu then.

Best regards,
Preston jay

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