Learning from Home or School Essay

by Arun Kumar
(Dubai, UAE )

Some people believe that teaching children at home is best for a child’s development while others think that it is important for children to go to school.

Discuss the advantages of both and give your opinion.

Learning from home has been recognised as the best way to develop offspring’s, while some critics suggest that going to school is far more beneficial for children. This essay will discuss the benefits of both methods, and provide statistics revealed by Oxford University recommends studying at the institutes is better-off for students when compared to studying from home.

To begin with, there is a myriad of merits of taking classes from home. Firstly, pupils staying in their comfort zone will give more freedom to express their opinions. In schools, students are restricted to talk while the class is ongoing, and young ones are reluctant to say a word; however, at home, they feel very confident to speak. Besides, they save much time travelling to school. At times, going to school can be excruciating to young minds, and they get exhausted before starting their day. This can put their mind off from learning new subjects. So, this travelling time can be spent wisely to learn extra-curricular activities such as sports or learning a musical instrument when they are at home.

Nevertheless, this essay thinks that studying at schools will outweigh the benefits of learning from home because of its noticeable benefits. Students tend to learn not only academic subjects but also social and cognitive skills at schools. It is only at the institutes where they can intermingle with other peers, and learn skills such as teamwork, group study, and sharing ideas. These skills are essential to the child’s growth. For example, as per the recent survey by Oxford University revealed that teenagers who studied at schools tend to be more innovative and intellectually competent than the students who studied online. Furthermore, there are a lot of other activities such as sports competitions, and cultural events are conducted at schools, these events can bring out the talents hidden in them.

In conclusion, despite the pros of learning from home, this essay believes that studying at schools contributes majorly to their growth.

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