Looking for ielts writing tutuor

by Kawal

I want 8 band score

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Dec 05, 2018
For anyone needing Band 7 to 8.5
by: Neal

Here is the story of a devoted Thai mother who helped her daughter, who has an English boyfriend living in England and needed band 8 to work as a doctor in England.

Translation from Thai posted on pantip.com-

"IELTS, for those who never reach 7 in writing and reading, read here.
Just got the test result yesterday, listening 9 the rest 7.5, my daughter's result. It was the ninth test. I spent over 100,000 THB on 1500-2000 THB per hour at tutor schools on adverts and 1 on 1 tutoring which excluded the test fee, travelling, and accommodation. My poor daughter practiced every day. We live in Chonburi. Originally she was weak in listening and writing. On the 2nd test, she had chance to study with a teacher who helped her to lift her reading score from 6 to 7.5-8.5 and stable, except for writing that never reached 7. Like God's wish, the Thai teacher called and asked about the test result. Once he knew that she was struggling in writing, he gave me the WhatsApp contact of a teacher who used to help her to get 7 in reading. I contacted him directly, not costly like other teachers. The teacher is an English guy who used to be an IELTS Examiner. Teaching through Skype, no need to travel, very convenient. I used to send my daughter's writing to this teacher and he told me she is never going to get Band 7, I didn't believe him and kept getting her to learn elsewhere. About the time that I was getting frustrated, the Thai teacher called again and my daughter asked him about teacher Neal and asked for his contact. She contacted him and he arranged a 23 hours writing course for her. The course was at mutually agreed times over 7 days. Changing the whole writing style, according to Neal's comment that there is no need to be too detailed, Examiners can think. Right after the course, the next day, I took her to the test. She could not complete the writing part in time. The result was 6.0!! I was shocked. However, it was right after the course, the next test should be able to tell if Neal's writing method is going to work the same way his reading method does. The result was released yesterday, she checked online and screamed. She came to me, hugged me and thanked me for all my support. So I would like to tell those kids who haven't passed the test about how your parents wished to help you to pass it. Because when I needed help and asked questions on the Panthip website, there were kind people who answered and helped me, so I would like to share good things in return, without benefit, with the teacher himself. If anyone wants his contact, contact me and talk directly to the teacher and make arrangements with him. For reading, my daughter probably can give you some tips. But for writing, you need to invest. It really really works, only the second test and reached 7.5 from 6.5 before. Neal also previously helped a Russian doctor to get Band 8, so could become a doctor in England. Thanks for reading."

I have many students who have achieved Band 8 needed by doctors etc. To contact me send and email to Neal email- studyieltsbkk@gmail.com

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