Missing a Flight

by Christ

You missed an international flight due to a problem at the airport.

Write a letter to the airline. In your letter:

- Describe what happened that caused you to miss your flight
- Explain how missing your flight impacted you
- Clearly state what you would like the airline to do

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Christ Thompson, a passenger of the Flight AM0047 on July 5th. I am writing to complain about the check-in service of your airline.

My flight took off at 9am but your check-in system was suddenly out of working on my turn and it was not until 9:10am that you successfully fixed the problem. Nevertheless, I unavoidably missed my flight.

I have a business meeting with international partners next day and now I can’t be there at the right time which can cause me a big loss of 5 million dollars.

I hope that you can arrange me another alternative flight before tonight so that I can expectantly make up in time.
I look forward to receiving your reply soon

Yours faithfully.

Christ Thompson

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