Old People and Modern Technology Essay

by Aryaa Gunavante

Old People Modern Technology

Old People Modern Technology

Some old people today struggle with the use of modern technologies such as smartphones and computers.

What is the cause of this? What are some possible solutions?

Often, we find elderly people get frustrated with their lack of technological fluency - this stems from a multitude of reasons. This essay will focus on two main causes of this problem including the rapid development of technology and the limited access to modern technologies that elderly people might face. In addition, this essay will also provide a few examples of simple solutions that may solve these problems if implemented: these include programmes that can be hosted by school students or government subsidies.

With rapid technological developments that are ever-present in virtually every society, people are in a constant attempt to keep updated with the current trends and technologies. Unfortunately, a generation has been left out of the digital revolution. This can be attributed to the difficulties they face when accessing modern technology. This does not, however, solely stem from their inability to discern between different features on modern technologies; rather, a lack of accessible information for the elderly regarding technology is the main cause of this issue. Since their access to tools that can guide them through technological processes is inhibited (they may require prior knowledge such as using softwares, for example, Google), elderly people may get discouraged and choose to renounce technology. However, this can be solved with a few simple solutions that directly target these problematic causes.

Introducing a variety of programmes and volunteering schemes may tackle these issues. Through free online or in-person programmes, elderly people can be guided through the complexities of technology and can access assistance along their journey to better understand technology. For instance, high-school students can reach out to old-age homes to provide free seminars that focus on a single topic - for example, how to use Facebook to connect with friends and families across the globe. These not only help with assisting elderly people with technology, but they also bolster relationships between two generations. Alternatively, government subsidies can be implemented to help provide modern technology to those that are low on savings and lack financial stability. This will encourage more old people to pick up their smartphones and experiment! Through proper guidance and assistance, anyone can develop crucial skills in foreign areas, even if it is as intimidating as modern technology.

To conclude, constant advancements in technology can leave old people behind on all the exciting new features and benefits it has to offer. This essay briefly elaborated on how limited accessibility to technology and a lack of guidance and information on the basics are responsible for this issue. Furthermore, this essay suggested possible solutions that can be implemented by various groups of society - students, governments, or educational institutes - that will minimise the impact of this issue.

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