Older Children Living at Home Essay

by Bhawna Sharma

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Many parents encourage young people to leave home when they become older, while others think they should stay at home with the family.

Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

The encouragement of living away from home or stay with family is debatable. Many parents believe that it is much more effective way to make their children responsible while others do not. This essay will discuss both side of argument in detail and provide evidence that why living alone is superior.

On the one hand, living away from loved ones make young generation more responsible in terms of time and money. This is because firstly, managing house hold chores such as cleaning, cooking and so on along with job, make someone more disciplined and matured towards life. Moreover, spending money while thinking twice to become financially stable till the end of the month teach them money management. Hence, by becoming independent and more responsible they could take care of themselves and their future family without any support.

One the other hand, children who live with family might be morally and mentally stronger than others however, love and money given by parents make them stubborn and irresponsible. Though, they could handle their bad times of life with confidence and full support of other members but sometimes they forget to respect the valuable things they got without any struggle in life. Therefore, parents should not provide everything desired by children without knowing the good or bad consequences of it.

In my opinion, youth without their family build confidence in their life which helps them to live in a better way in the competitive world. Hence, parents should support or give enough courage to their children who want to spend their life alone in any form such as boarding schools, college hostels, higher studies in abroad, overseas jobs and so on to become a better person.

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