Overpopulation of Urban Areas

by rahul

Overpopulation of urban areas has led to numerous problems.

Identify one or two serious ones and suggest ways that governments and individuals can tackle these problems?

Many cities in the world are suffering from a lot of problems due to the enormous increase in the human population. The two main problems due to overpopulation are poverty and pollution. But, it is the duty of the government and the individuals to find solutions and overcome this.

First of all, Poverty is considered to be the most serious issue in today’s world, regardless of the fact that cities are overpopulated. Therefore, if the population is rising continuously it will lead to an even more horrifying situation. Secondly, the environment will also be greatly affected due to the pollution caused by humans.

However, the government can overcome this problem with a set of protocols. Firstly, they should create more awareness of the problem by explaining how the low-income families are affected by it. Secondly, the authorities must create a set of protocols which the citizens should abide to. Finally, the government should provide some incentives for the people who follow the rules. For example, in China the families with only one child are taken care of by the government. So majority of the families will think a lot before having a second child.

Similarly, the individuals should be aware of the situation and act accordingly. Females should follow preventive measures like birth control pills. In addition to this, they can find ways to reduce pollution by using recycled products and even limit the number of vehicles a family has. For instance, there are some countries in the world which allow only one motorized vehicle per family and exceeding that will result in a punishment.

In conclusion, increased population in urban cities has led to a number of serious problems. But, the government and the individuals should outrun this by following certain rules and by learning to live with it.


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