Playing Video Games Essay

by chillpil

Nowadays many people have access to computers and a large number of children enjoy playing video games.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing video games for children?

In today's modern world, we all have an unprecedented access to gadgets like computer, I-pad, notebooks, google etc. Using such modern devices have both advantages and disadvantages. Once such important topic that I would like to discuss today is advantages and disadvantages of playing video games in children.

The easy access to video games in homes can have a lot of benefits in children of this millennium. During colder weather or during current pandemic, children can remotely play video games with their friends by logging in at same time. They can enjoy game time in safe living rooms and be socially distant, without going outside. It also saves parents a lot of energy in comparison to watching over children play in a park. Parents can condition children to play an evening video game session that has to be followed by a healthy snack like milk and cookies.

There also remain a lot of disadvantages of playing video games in children. For example, they can become addicted to playing video games and not give enough time to study. Too much of video games also puts strain on eyes and ears which is not healthy for children while growing up. Another disadvantage is missing on out social interactions which is really important for the overall development of children.

I think it is really important to strike a balance of indoor games like video games and outdoor games for children. One way to do that is allowing only 45 mins of video game per day to children. This way they can enjoy a nice game and not be totally addicted.

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