Price and Product Buying Essay

by roderickfung

Some people believe that the higher a product is priced, the more likely it is that people will want to buy it.

To what extent does price influence potential buyers?

What other factors influence people to buy a product?

Some individuals argue that a product set with a dramatic price, it indicates the people intend to purchase it. In the essay, the influence of price and reasons which affect people desire to purchase will be discussed.

Obviously, price is a fundamental factor that the consumer consider with. However, the fluctuation of price becomes an essential factor which affect the quantity of consumer. In Hong Kong, a tremendous of households do not have an adequate income and salaries for purchasing a product after their daily use.

Due to the inflation of price, the household willing to purchase with their indispensable goods for daily life that may makes them become unaffordable with product in a rigorous price. This implicates that the potential buyers are highly influenced by the price.

Apart from the price factor, it contains a differential variety of factors that people consider with while purchasing a product. For instance, iphone demonstrates as a durable and valuable representative by providing a comprehensive case for protection. Therefore, the company will frequently update their technical system and list out some latest information for the new user which indicate an efficiency tutorial while exploring the cellphone. Moreover, these factors can facilitate as more and more people intend to buy the product.

In summary, the industries should invent the product that more contain with durable and valuable factors rather than control the price factor as the local household confront a price pressure with the cost of living . On the other hand, by the increasing of potential buyers, the company can offer some free samples in order to simulate the desire of people.

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