Process of using geothermal energy

by Valentina

The diagram illustrates a geothermal power plant which graphically explain the process of using geothermal energy to obtain electricity. Overall, the cold water, heated by a geothermal zone, is condensed to obtain steam which then enter in a turbine which produces electric energy. This process, in fact, has some phases on the outside and other ones underground.

Firstly,as it is possible to observe in the olant, the cold water is pumped down for 4,5 km towards the injection well. Subsequently, once arrived in the injection well, it passes through the geothermal zone where hot rocks heat the water which arrives in the production well.

Then, the hot water produced is pumped up to reach a condenser which transform it in stream. Later, the stream is forced into a turbine which is powered by the movement of the stream. The turbine movement, in turn, activates a generator. The generator, then produces the electrical energy which is used in our everyday life.

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