Radio or Television Essay

by jeordge

Some people think that radio is more enjoyable than television.

What is your opinion?

When people are free at home, they like to spend their time using technical products such as mobile, television and radio. There are some people who believe that free time with radio is more interesting than television, but in reality most of the people always prefer television in their leisure time. In my opinion, television is more enjoyable than radio in modern era.

Due to the advanced technology, so many improvements have been made in the television .For example, there are some televisions are available in market which can be connected with mobile, and it gives access to people to watch their episodes and movies in big screen. There are so many games can be played on televisions that can keep the children occupied, and parents can do their household thing in their own time. Other than that access to the internet is also possible with the help of chrome cast, so it makes people job very easy to get information all around the world.

On the second side, some people like to spend time on listening radio because this is a traditional way of gathering information, but in the advanced time there are so many limitations can be found in radio. Radio is very outdated source of entertainment, and there are limited channels available which can be based on the domestic news not internationally. Range problem is also found in radio in the remote areas which disturbs people entertainment. There is no access of internet on the radio, so people cannot find the information outside of their country too.

In conclusion, some people prefer listening radio while they are free, but most of the people always go for television. In my opinion, it would be better for the radio organisations if they make radio more modernised according to the demand of current generation, but it is impossible to make people fully neglected from television.

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