Raising Petrol Prices

by Elshan Salayev
(Baku, Azerbaijan)

Hi, everyone! Can anyone provide some feedback on my essay? I am particularly interested to hear what you think of the task achievement grade. Thank you in advance! The task is below.

Increasing the price of petrol is the best way to solve growing traffic and pollution problems.

To what extend do you agree or disagree?

What other measures do you think might be effective?

Today most of the modern cities are associated with traffic obstacles and environmental issues. I firmly believe that higher prices of petrol will enable us to eliminate these imperfections, while other methods should be employed wisely as well.

First of all, I reckon that problems related to the movement of cars through roads can be fixed by charging large sums of money from car owners. On condition that petrol becomes more expensive, the number of people who find using a car affordable will decrease. As a consequence, more individuals will rely on public transport. Besides this, governments have to require all drivers of private cars to pay a lot for the parking places they use. As far as I am concerned, some car owners tend to leave their vehicles near their apartments free of charge in Baku, which makes exploitation of cars extremely affordable. Also, more places should be redesigned for pedestrians, which includes preventing cars from accessing central areas of the cities.

Secondly, increased petrol prices will have positive effects on the environment. Most importantly, since the number of people preferring public transport and walking to driving will surge due to the increased petrol prices, the number of fumes will become reduced considerably. Currently, it is commonly believed by many scholars that Co2 produced by ordinary engines of cars deteriorates air in the cities. In addition, a gargantuan amount of waste is created by people. I firmly believe that megapolises, such as Moscow and Baku, must have recycling facilities that will prevent citizens from of these cities to dispose of their rubbish. I am convinced that some materials (plastic, paper, clothes and others) will be used in a more sustainable way because of recycling.

All in all, I consider that increased prices on petrol will lead to a decreased quantity of cars in modern cities, which will positively affect the environment and proliferation of public transport. Moreover, all cities must be equipped with recycling facilities, and car owners must pay a lot for their parking places.

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Nov 20, 2018
Raising Petrol Prices Essay
by: VS Ram

I will try to keep my comments short and sweet as much as possible and would highlight more of the limitations that you probably are looking for. Primarily, the start missed the introduction as talking a bit about Petrol, the costliness and dire needs of it and then people's inherent perspective over it.

Next, much of the emphasis should be on the petrol usages, people's habits and attitudes towards its usage - conservative, lavish etc., although it is good to refer the way you were on public transportation, gaseous emissions...but were too lengthy into one aspect ultimately missing out the stress that was required on the main topic...so overall it was stooping over to one side thus missing the coherence.

Lastly, the passage was a bit cohesive but the flow was missing in terms of sequence of events/narration. The conclusion should be a smooth free fall right from the main stuff you mentioned rather than try to rush and finish. The language and the vocabulary has been great its just the presentation of the ideas that you probably need to work ....Thanks and BoL...Bye

Nov 20, 2018
OP Response
by: Elshan Salayev

Thanks for your response, mate! My test will be on December 15! I am quite excited about this fact.

Hope that I will get 6.5 or above in writing.

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