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by Taghrid

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IELTS Speaking Test Questions - Kuwait 4th April 2019

Today I had my speaking exam. Below are the questions that I remember:

Part I:

Your House
- Where do you live?
- What do you like about your room/apartment block?
- If you were able to change things in your room/apartment block what would they be?

Movie Stars
- What is the name of your favourite movie star?
- Are people in your country interested in international stars?
- Are they influenced by them?
- Have you met a movie star in real life?
- Would you like to be a movie star? (I forgot exact words)

Taking Photographs
- If you wanted to take a photo would you use your mobile or Camera?
- Why

**Part II:

The cue card was about describing a party.
- Who attended
- What happened
- Your feelings

**Part III:

- Do you think people are having more parties those days than in the past?

- How do people who get into representing their countries in international events feel? (I mentioned that they will feel proud and anxious)

- So mentioning anxiety how does anxiety affect them?

- Countries hosting international events have to spend quite some budget on buildings and areas (he used other words, but the meaning). Do you think that it's worth it?

- How is it rewarding?

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Apr 05, 2019
by: Anonymous

Hi what was the topic of the writing task?

Apr 06, 2019
writing task2- April 6th 2019
by: Anonymous

who is more responsible of taking care of the environment ? Individual or government

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