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Jun 13, 2016
by: IELTS buddy

Hi Shobaruddin,

It doesn't seem like a remark is worth it as you would need writing to be increased by 0.5 and speaking by a whole band. You'd be quite lucky to get this.

So I'd say do some more practice then take the test again, but it is up to you.

Jun 17, 2016
Is remark worth it
by: gabriela

Hi I just got my Academic result test as for:

Listening: 7.0
Reading: 8.5
Writing: 6.5
Speaking: 7.5
Overall: 7.5

I need a 7 in each band so that means I'm missing writing for .5, should I ask for a review accordingly with my results here?

Jun 17, 2016
Recheck on IELTS ?
by: Anonymous


My ILETS score:
L: 8
R: 9
W: 6.5
S: 7.5

I was expecting writing to be 7.5 ;
I know it has been asked many times here. Should I apply for recheck on writing? Does it even happen that writing score gets increased by 0.5 ? I just need 7 in W.

Jun 19, 2016
British Council IELTS First Attempt
by: Vaibhav


I recently gave IELTS general for Immigration purpose to Canada,Australia or New Zealand. I scored :

R : 7
S : 6.5
W: 5.5
L: 7.5

In Reading I was assured that my all answers were correct as I had completed that section 20 minutes earlier, no logical understanding issues, and rigorously reevaluated the answers thrice but still got 7 (don't know why).

And regarding writing section used some good vocabulary (and a slang too), absolute lexical resource and appropriate answers in correct format, still got 5.5. Even if I consider that some grammatical mistake might happen, still it doesn't has to be too low.

Shall I go for rechecking for both the above sections or not.

Jun 22, 2016
Re-mark writing section?
by: Hazel


I sat the IELTS test in Sydney on 4 June for the first time ever, and these are my results:
Listening - 9
Reading - 8.5
Writing - 6.5
Speaking - 8

I need a 7 for all sections to apply for work.

My gut tells me that I should order a re-mark, because I know I wrote well (was fluent and it made sense). In fact, it was the section that I was pretty confident about. What are your thoughts?

Jun 27, 2016
by: Marie

I want to ask if its possible for me to have a remark? When I took UKVI academic module I got:


But when I took the regular academic last june 2016 I got:


Is it really possible to comprehend well in listening and reading and a good english speaker but cannot have a 7 on writing? Thanks, your reply would mean a lot.

Jul 01, 2016
Poor writing
by: IELTS buddy

Hi Marie,

Yes it's quite possible to be good at some skills but worse at others.

Some people are very good at speaking and listening but poor at writing if they have never really practiced it much.

Jul 10, 2016
writing rechecking
by: navpreet

Hi, I got:

R 7.5
S 7.0
L 6.5
W 5.5

Overall 6.5

I need 6 in each module. Is it beneficial to apply for rechecking in writing?

Jul 10, 2016
writing rechecking
by: IELTS buddy

Hi Navpreet,

It is quite possible for someone to be weak in one particular skill e.g. writing, but better in the others, so your score could be correct.

Are you worse at writing than the other things? You need to think about that then decide.

If you know that your writing is as good as the other skills and you are very confident that you did not make an error elsewhere (such as not answering the question properly - this can bring the score down significantly in certain cases) then it may be worth considering a remark.

Jul 20, 2016
disappointed about speaking both time.
by: sangram


I m from haryana. I have taken the IELTS academic two times. First in January 2016 from british Council, chandigarh and second in delhi from idp on 25th june.

In first i got.:


In second time..


In first i gave good speaking and second time i was very confident to get 6.0 band in speaking and my Institute teacher also said me you definitely get 6.0 in speaking but i got only 4.5 and in rest of 3 i got very good band according to me but in speaking i m very disappointed.

Plzzzz give me suggestion about...should i go for re-mark or not?

Thank you

Jul 22, 2016
Confused about remarking for speaking test
by: Anonymous


I have received my IELTS results today but im very unsatisfied with the results for my speaking test.

Listening 7.5
Reading 7.5
Writing 6.5
Speaking 5.5

I'm very confident that i do not deserve 5.5 in speaking because i answered all the questions very properly and didnt make any mistake of any kind.

Please suggest if i should apply for remarking or not.

Jul 22, 2016
disappointed about speaking both time.
by: IELTS buddy

Hi Sangram,

There isn't anything to suggest to me that anything is wrong,

You went to two different centres and they gave you 4 and 4.5. So that suggests that your speaking level is somewhere around the band 4 mark.

Jul 22, 2016
Confused about remarking for speaking test
by: IELTS buddy

It is quite a bit lower than your other scores but it is possible to be weaker at certain skills but stronger in others.

However if someone such as an IELTS instructor is sure you are higher than a 5.5 then you may want to think about it, it's a gamble though so your choice.

Aug 02, 2016
re-mark process
by: Anonymous

Hi. I took my first ielts exam with British Council with scores:


I did not request for a remark because I was not confident with my writing essay so I took another exam with idp with scores:


Now I wanted to request for a remark since I am quite confident with my writing essay.

Can anyone tell me how to request for a remark?

Aug 13, 2016
.5 short speaking
by: Anonymous

I smell something fishy both with IDP and BC. My wife took here IELTs last 2009 she passed it but now she just needs to renew it for visa purposes.

She consistently got 6.5 for speaking. Take note she already took it 9 times. This is bullshit.

Any input and help. U can send me an email at Anyone need a Speaking practice session with my wife thru FB or skype.


Aug 15, 2016
by: Chubasco

Hi People,

I saw online 1 person from Nigeria had 6.5 in writing and went for remark. And guess he got 7.5. But it took 50 days for the response to arrive. I also gave my exams in India on 30 July and got L-8, R-7, S-7.5, W-6.

So was planning for EOR. But it takes a very long and its too expensive. In that case we can give a new exam and the results will come more faster than EOR.

Any suggestions people?

Aug 27, 2016
by: Jigs

I scored:

Listening 6.5
Reading 4.5
Writing 6.5

I deserve more in reading. My reading skills are very good. Is there any chance of improvement in reading bands?

Please advise me….

Sep 03, 2016
Writing remarks
by: Monica

Hello, ielts buddy.

I really hope you can help me. I have just taken my first IELTS test and i'm pretty confident about it. Since i've been taking toefl prep and ielts prep. So here is my score

L = 8.5
R = 9
W = 5.5
S = 7.5

I want to ask for a remark in my writing test but im afraid that i will get a lower score. Is that possible? If the remark score is smaller, will they still put 5.5 score in my certificate?


Sep 04, 2016
Lower Score after IELTS Remark
by: IELTS buddy

Hi Monica,

I don't think they lower the scores and reissue certificates. Often if a band score changes it is only by 0.5.

I really do not think they would want to be in the position of charging someone for a remark then giving you a decreased score. So you will get either get 'no change' or an increase.

Sep 06, 2016
Go for remark
by: Isabel

My husband sent for remarks in IDP for speaking and his score increased.

So if you are confident about speaking and score less, go for a remark.

Sep 10, 2016
Withheld results revaluation
by: Anonymous

Hello IELTS buddy,

I got my withheld results today and its 8.5, 8, 7.5, 6.5. Overall 7.5.

I expected my writing to be at least 7.5. Do you think withheld results are re-evaluated and it won't make a difference if I apply for a revaluation?


Sep 11, 2016
Withheld results revaluation
by: IELTS buddy

It's not possible to say for sure if your scores were re-evaluated, but it's quite possible as one of the reasons they withhold results is if they need to check them for some reason.

But nobody can say for sure. You could try contacting your centre and tell them that you think the writing score is wrong and that you are thinking of getting them remarked.

It's possible that they may tell you then there is no point in doing this. Obviously if that is the case then they have been looked at again already. But they may not tell you though.

If you can't find out then it's really just up to you to decide whether to go for a remark or not.

Mar 09, 2018
Revaluation query
by: Paulina

I wrote exam on 16th Dec 2017. My result came on Dec 29 2017.

Reading -7
Listening - 7
Writing - 6.5
Speaking - 7

Is there any chance for an increase in writing score to 7 after revaluation?

Mar 23, 2018
Revaluation query
by: IELTS buddy

There's always a chance it could go up but it's impossible to predict.

You should go for a remark if you think an error was made. You can just do it on the hope it will go up, which is possible, but you have to pay of course.

Mar 01, 2019
by: Hardik

I want 6 in writing.Please suggest me what should I do.Re-exam or remark?

Apr 05, 2019
by: Twinkle


Should I get it remarked?

Apr 19, 2019
Remark or Retake?
by: Anonymous

Hello IELTS Buddy! Good day! I have been a huge fan of your site, it has in fact been my study haven weeks before I took the IELTS exam and really, it has helped me a lot especially with writing. Thank you for being a blessing to us IELTS takers, your free tutorials and advices are really of big help.

Anyway, I took the exam last April 6th, and I would like to ask for your opinion regarding remarking. Only scored 6.5 in speaking, hence, I was so confident I'd get a 7. And I need a 7 to go on with my work application for the UK. Would you think it is a wise idea to go for a remark? Thank you very much in advance. I hope you could help me.

Apr 29, 2019
Get a lower band after remark
by: Anonymous

Is it possible for my mark to decrease after IELTS remark on the writing section because.I am applying for university and the requirement are that I should score at least an overall band scale of 6.5 with no individual band less than a 6.0.

I got a 7 in listing, 7 in reading and 5.5 in writing, and for speaking 6.5 and my overall was a 6.5.

May 01, 2019
Get a lower band after remark
by: IELTS buddy

No I have never heard of scores going down. I think they will either keep it the same or increase it.

Jul 09, 2019
0.5 needed in the writing section
by: Fran Acevedo

Hi guys. I've read every post and I still having two doubts.
I just received my IELTS results with the following scores:

Overall: 7.5

Reading: 8.5
Listening: 8
Writing: 6 (I need 6.5 because that what my prospective university required me).
Speaking: 6.5

I'am absolutely screwed up just for half a point.

I took the exam in International House, British Council in London. I asked for a remark as I only need 0.5 more and I've read in so many sites that the waiting time for a remark it's between 6 and 8 weeks. However, the form I filled said between 2-21 days ande the same does the International House site.

The second question is to what extent it's true that when you score up to 2 points or more of difference between 1 or more bands, your test gets automatically remarked. I received my results on time, with no delays so I hesitate so much that they double-checked them.

Thank you so much in advance.

Jul 11, 2019
0.5 needed in the writing section
by: IELTS buddy

If the form said only up to 21 days then it should not be longer (contact them if it is longer).

As for the checking if there is 2 band difference, IELTS don't officially say they do this, but the general understanding is that they do.

However a student has posted on this forum that they had two band difference and asked for a remark and it went up. So that suggests it was not looked at before he made the request.

So really it's not possible to say 100%. You'll just have to wait now for your remark.

Aug 27, 2019
re evaluation
by: Anonymous

hi everyone, I have question about my ielts result 5.5 I need 6. It should be possible to increase my score?

Sep 03, 2019
Retake ielts or remark
by: Anonymous

Pls I just checked my ukvi result and I got L 7.5, R 7.0, S 7.5, W 6.0.

Do I go for remarking or just retake the test? Your response will be highly appreciated.

Sep 05, 2019
Retake ielts or remark
by: IELTS buddy

You should just request a remark if for some reason you are fairly confident the score you were given is wrong.

Also it's better if it's just a half band lower than what you need. Sometimes if bands are increased it is by 1 whole band, but it's more likely to be a half.

And are you sure you answered the questions properly? Most people are but it's common to see fairly good writers misunderstand the question in T1 and / or T2 and so get there score reduced.

Sep 25, 2019
Delay in remark
by: Anonymous

It has been 30 working days since my husband submitted his re-mark request and despite numerous calls and follow ups we are getting no joy. How do we escalate the poor service we are receiving?

Sep 26, 2019
Band for .5 and 1 pt
by: Anonymous

Hi guys, I got my scores today got 7 for reading and listening but my score with my writing and speaking is 6. I think I really did well in speaking and I really think I deserve a higher band score.

I need 7 for speaking and 6.5 for writing.

Do you think remark is worth considering.

Your advice is highly appreciated.

Thank you!

Sep 28, 2019
Remark or Retake
by: Anonymous

Hi I just got my IELTS UKVI result:

I'm quite torn if I should have it remarked or should I just retake my exam. I only need half a band (0.5) for my writing but what's making me worry is because I've read somewhere that if one of your sub-test is 1-2 bands higher you would automatically get a remark from your test center therefore, even if you have it remarked you'd still get the same score. I would really appreciate your input.

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