Sample 2

by Jemile

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The charts illustrate the amount of money which were spent on restaurant meals by the average family. The graph provides information about the number of meals which were eaten in sit-down and fast food restaurants,for period of 30 years.

Overall, fast food outweighed cooking at home and eating in sit-down restaurants.

Initially, homemade food was far more popular than junk food,as in 1970 the money used was about 90 per cent. From 1980 declined to just 50% while the money separated for fast food was growing as in 2000 was exactly the half.

The number of meals consumed per year were exactly 20 for both sit-down and junk meals. Both were increasing as between 1980 and 1990 the annual intake was the same again at about 40 times per year. The consumption of fast food increased sharply to reach approximately 90 per year. The intake of sit-down dishes increased slightly to get about 50 intakes annually.

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PS: the essay is for academic task 1

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