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Mar 07, 2014
Should I get a remark?
by: IELTS buddy


I think only you can answer that question.

There is quite a difference between your reading/listening and writing/speaking scores but is this normal? Are your writing and speaking normally around a band 6?

If you have not had your work checked by an IELTS instructor, though, in the past it may be difficult to know.

You need to think about these things before getting a remark.

And remember you have to pay for a remark, so this money could be spent on taking the test again. That is something else to consider.


Feb 05, 2016
Recheck for writing
by: Anonymous


Got my results today:

L/R/S - 8
W - 6.5

In my first attempt in April I got:

W - 7
L - 6.5
R/S - 8

I need a band of 7 in each section. Do you think it is advisable to apply for an IELTS recheck? Do I hold a chance? Kindly help

Feb 06, 2016
IELTS Writing Recheck
by: IELTS buddy


As you'll see from the comments below, it's really impossible to know.

It may well be that your writing was a 6.5 for whatever reason (some slip ups in grammar, not fully answering the question etc) but then again it's possible someone else could award it slightly higher.

But remember that examiners mark to a standardised criteria so it is more than likely to be correct.

So it's just a gamble and only you can decide.

Apr 04, 2016
revaluation for Listening
by: Bala


I appeared IELTS exam on 19th March through IDP. Got the result on 1st April. Scores are as below:

Listening - 5.5
Reading - 6.0
Speaking - 6.5
Writing - 6.0

I need 6 in all, do you think I should go for revaluation for listening. I did very well in exam and use to score more than 32 in practice session.

Suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

Apr 04, 2016
revaluation for Listening
by: IELTS buddy

Hi Bala,

Don't forget that the answers for the listening are either right or wrong.

It's not like the writing or speaking which are open to some interpretation.

Apr 04, 2016
Should I ask for a remark for my IELTS score?
by: Anonymous

"Don't forget that the answers for the listening are either right or wrong".

I completely agree with you (IELTS Buddy). But I am confident that I might have given more than 30 correct answer.

As far I know 20-22 correct answer give 5.5 and 23-26 give 6.0 band score. So i am wondering how come I got 5.5.

Did IDP played a foul game here? as I scored R-6,W-6 S-6.5 in these section.

Should I go for rechecking. Your suggestions are most welcome.

Apr 08, 2016
Remark result
by: Ramandeep Singh

Hi, I had received my ielts academic result on 1st April 2016 and my scores are:-


And I filled the EOR form for my speaking module on 6th april. I only want 0.5 band and i am damn sure that it will definitely increase but i just only want to know that how can i check my remark result.

It will come online or by other methods? I haven't received any message from British Council. So, please guide me i don't know about the remark result process.

May 01, 2016
Writing Remark
by: AMA

Hi there,

I got my results as below:


I need at least 7 in all materials, and I sent an EOR 2 weeks ago for my writing remark.
My question is; do you reckon my score would increase for this band?

I had an exam 3 months before and I could get 7 for writing but this time I got 6.5 :(

Thanks and Best Regards,

May 03, 2016
Writing Re-grade
by: IELTS buddy


There is only half a band difference between your scores, so 6.5 could well be the right score.

It's not possible though to predict what may happen.

Let us know the result of the EOR.


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