Work and Study from Home Essay

by leila

Around the world, many adults are working from home, and more children are beginning to study from home because technology has become cheaper and more accessible.

Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

The world is getting change. It is irrefutable that technology makes a huge contribution to happen this. Working remotely or the environment of education are only a few examples of these changes. However, we try to get used to these changes these days. In my opinion, there are several drawbacks and benefits, also.

First of all, in terms of education has some drawbacks. The last generation is observed as computer-tending individuals. They like a waste of their time surfing on social media, chatting, or playing a game, so computer-based education ease up distracts them. Education means not only learning some subjects but also improving your social life skills such as communication skills, team works, or do's&don't's rule. Physically education is more effective to obtain these skills. In addition to this, there is nothing to replace with a teacher for a successful education life. Teacher and class-based education should be the main task and it can be combined with online sessions additional courses or exercises.

However, working from home have some benefits for employee and employer. It saves money and time, so it can be suggested for possible work-field. For example, some people commute from far away places, which means that employees have to spend extra time to arrive at their job and extra money for travel. Besides this, people consume water, electricity by working offices, this makes benefits for the employer. Furthermore, employers can hire more qualified employees around the world thanks to working at home. ın terms of the worker, they catch a chance to living wherever they want, maybe it decreases in some places' density because of the job opportunity.

In conclusion, worldwide computer spreading has some advantages and disadvantages. From the point of view of adults, it is beneficial for saving money and time. While, for the youth, it would be better traditional education mixed with new technologic facilities.

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