Working Part-time while at High School

by Merlin

Some high (secondary) school students work part-time while some do not, instead just focusing on their studies.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of part-time jobs for high school students?

Many high school students take up jobs in their free time. Some parents discourage their teenagers from working while studying. Both these cases have good and bad points.

The students who take up part-time jobs become responsible. A job brings them income by which they get spending power. For example, a teen who works can use his money to buy his own text-books, pay for his lunch at the canteen, and also purchase personal things for himself. This reduces the burden on their parents especially in low-income families. These high school kids learn to spend wisely and hence tend to practice the art of saving for a future need.

There are also drawbacks of getting themselves employment. They can get distracted from their studies. This can happen because a student may want to put in more hours of work in order to earn more cash. As a result, he will spend more time working and less time focusing on his educational side. Another downside is that with money power in his hands, he could easily fall prey to bad habits like gambling, drugs and smoking. This can lead to destruction of his academics and ultimately destroy his future career.

Different homes are different when it comes to their financial state. Hence, low income groups might prefer if their children make a small earning to support themselves. However, high society people may not be in favor that their offspring gets employed as they feel it is below their status and , besides they can fund their teens.

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