Thanks IELTS buddy - 5 days preparation and band 7.5

by Axis

Hi iBuddy,

I would like to thank you for all the material and priceless resources that you are providing through this site. Trust me you are doing a Noble work and We The people do praise these deeds of yours a lot.

Received my provisional score, Academics, today;

Overall 7.5

L/R/W/S: 7.5/8.5/7/7.

It was my first attempt in a foreign country and even otherwise. It wouldn't have been possible without this site as i just had 5 days to prepare.

I am indebted and at the same time joyous to share my experience with others.

Good luck in your future endeavors and Wishing all the very best to every exam taker. :)

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Feb 10, 2016
I got a 8!!!!!
by: Prajwal Pinto, India

Thank you Ielts Buddy!

Thanks to you, I got a band score of 8 with just a week of preparation. This website is awesome! With its collection of L/R/W samples I was able to score big!

L - 8.5
R - 7.5
W - 6.5
S - 8.5

Overall = 8

Feb 11, 2016
I got a 8!!!!!
by: IELTS buddy

Hi Prajwal,

That's good to hear. Well done!

Mar 04, 2016
by: Marat

Hi, everyone!

I'd like to thank this great source of knowledge with helping me to pass my IELTS test with great results (for me :))!!!

I took the exam on the 20th of February 2016. I've got results today:

L 7.5
R 7
W 6
S 6 - Overall 6.5.

It was my first attempt. This result is more than enough for me because I have never wrote any essays and talked to foreigners often (several times doesn't count) and i only started preparation 30 days prior to the exam.

So, to sum up, I saw many resources, but this one is the BEST! (IMHO)

Many of you ask how to achieve high score in a few weeks. People, it's impossible if your level of English is not high enough.

Download or buy IELTS Cambridge Test from 1 to 9. Or other tests. And go through it. You'll see what is your level and where is your weak point.

First you have to improve that points and then develop others. And if you are in 5.5 in writing or speaking, it'll be very hard to make it 6.5 unless you are a genius or have a good background in English.

The main point is P R A C T I C E !!!

As for me. Firstly I understood that my writing and speaking are the weakest. So I only trained them the most. In writing you just need to get the structure in T1 and T2. Planning is essential. Learn how to plan an essay, then it'll be easy. Make the plan in your own language.

In speaking it's the same. Just watch sample interviews, and make a list of topics. Just talk about every topic. It will be hard, but you will get better and better. Believe me. Don't think if you read or listen well that you'll talk easily. I thought the same way. But it was tough. I understood that without practicing I couldn't talk. So I just tried and tried.

That's it.

I hope that you'll pass IELTS and got your desired band score. If not, don't give up. "Water wears away the stone!"

Ok, guys. Wish you all luck and success!
Thanks again BUDDY!

Marat from Russia ;p

Mar 12, 2016
band 6.5
by: Amis

hi Ielts buddy, thank you for your free notes and exercises. your sharing really guided me step by step in writing task 1 and 2. in just 3 days preparation, Alhamdulillah, I managed to get band 6.5 overall. I am grateful enough since i did not take any extra classes and on the weekdays I am working. may god bless you :)

Apr 19, 2016
excellent website!
by: fati

well, love this web! and hoping for a day when i will be able to write my success story here! :-)

May 02, 2016
by: Anonymous

Thanks for all your valuable help and advice. Band 8 first time

May 14, 2016
Thanks ieltsbuddy
by: Anonymous

This site helped me a lot in achieving an overall band of 7. Writing tips, sample letter and essays are the best. This site will be really helpful to all those who are preparing for ielts.

May 25, 2016
Need help
by: Sunny shergill

Hello friends! I am very happy that everyone is satisfied with this site and got bands as they required. I gave my test in january 2016 and got overall 6.0 bands. Now i booked a british council ielts for ukvi on 4 june 2016. I just want to say to all the brilliant students many congratulations. I am also preparing for the test and want your kind advise and guidance from you to score 7.0. I shall be very thankful to you for this.
Kind regards,

Yours sincerely

Jun 28, 2016
Band 8!
by: Vel

Thanks ielts buddy,this site is a blessing, 2 weeks practice and I got a band 8 score, thank you, God bless, keep shining!

Jul 01, 2016
Band 8!
by: IELTS buddy

Hi Vel,

Thanks and well done.

Aug 14, 2016
Thanks IELTS Buddy
by: Anonymous

Thank you very much for the tips and guidance given in this site. I found it very useful. The instructions given were very precise. The information given in the writing section was particularly very helpful. In my opinion, IELTS buddy is a very valuable website!

I got an overall band score of 7.5

Listening – 8.0
Reading – 7.0
Writing – 7.5
Speaking – 8.0

Aug 25, 2016
what can i do?? to improve my ielts skill
by: nurul

I'm Malaysian,

i have to get at least 6.5 for all the components in ielts.
last few months.. i got my ielts result.. i only got 5.5 for each ..

I have to repeat again .. to get 6.5 .. in a month soon ..

Oct 02, 2016
a worsen by following it
by: Ardrit

a worse score due to following it. Friends just take the hint but do not follow blindly.

Oct 07, 2016
well done
by: Dame

well done guys

Oct 27, 2016
thank you
by: jhansi

Thanks a lot to IELTS buddy, I have cleared my exam for the second time and got good scores now I am trying to get a admission in a college. My only source in preparing for exam is your blog.

I sincerely thank you for the material and guidelines you have included. Keep on helping others too.

Thank you very much.

Nov 15, 2016
Thank you IELTS Buddy
by: Lyka from Philippines

Thank you IELTS Buddy! Highly recommended IELTS review website

L - 8.5
R - 8.5
W - 7.0
S - 8.0

Overall = 8

Nov 16, 2016
Got 7
by: Sumit

I took the Ielts Test and scored an overall 7

Reading - 7.5
listening - 7.5
speaking - 6
writing - 6

I studied for only 7 to 8 days and scored in first attempt.

Thank you Ielts Buddy.

Nov 17, 2016
My aim
by: Walaa farid

No one can deny the English language is an important part of our life nowadays. Firstly I would be thankful Mrs Sandra as instructor in British Council to guide me to this link.

Consequently this link will improve my skills and give a me chance to target my aim and pass the ielts exam. I hope to get band 8 ;)

Nov 23, 2016
by: Anonymous

I just want to take 5.5 and I can't bring

Dec 16, 2016
From 6.5 to 7.5 with Writing.
by: Ashwini

I always scored 7+ in L, R and S.

But was consistently getting 6.5 band for writing despite 3 attempts.

Then I came across the Task 2 ebook on IELTS buddy. And finally in the fourth attempt I scored 7.5!!!

Really a good book to improve the score and for guaranteed success.

Needless to say ** PRACTICE ** is very important.

Thanks buddy and appreciate the efforts taken for the book.

Dec 16, 2016
by: Gurpreet Singh

I want to improve English. I gave test first and got 5.5 band. How can I get 6.5 bands in Ielts?

Jan 21, 2017
Priceless thanking
by: Sajith mallawaarachchi

I don't have any words to say because I wouldn't be able to achieve this task without IELTS BUDDY. It leads me a hundred times more than any other sites.

I was quiet poor in English, nevertheless I decided to use this site and it gave me plenty of opportunities to improve and to be keen on IELTS.

I got 6.5 overall, as well as 6.5 in each criteria.

Thanks a lot buddy, I would like to give my gratitude for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 22, 2017
Priceless thanking
by: IELTS buddy

Hi Sajith,

Thanks for you comments and well done for getting the score you needed.

Feb 09, 2017
the link to download the video.
by: Anonymous

pls I need the link to download the video.


Mar 05, 2017
outstanding wok
by: Mahdi Rizvi

It is very good and an excellent work which is done by u people in this time period.

Mar 21, 2017
Band Score 8
by: Kamrul Islam

Thanks to all.I need overall band score 8 or more but don't know how I can achieve this.plz. help to make me known if anyone knows any trick or strategy that may gift me my dream.

Mar 24, 2017
wants to learn ielts writing
by: Anonymous

Hi ielts buddy. It's me binita and i really want to score 6 6.5 in writing. My writing is very poor so can you please give me advice how to score 6.5 in writing. I saw your all post which is very helpful thank you so much.

Mar 24, 2017
Wants to learn IELTS writing
by: IELTS buddy

Hi binita,

It's really not possible to give advice in a message that is going to suddenly get you 6.5 in writing.

There are so many tips and work you would need to do to improve - that is why sites such as mine are so large or that people do IELTS courses that can run over 10 weeks. There is a lot to learn.

So really all I can recommend is going through the lessons and tips on this site to see how that helps you.

If you are finding that you need more, such as your writing checking, then you would really need to think about paying someone to look at it (you'll find people online who check writing) or doing a face-to-face IELTS course.

Good luck

Apr 15, 2017
Plzzz help me
by: Avneet

I want 7 band in ielts plzz hlep me ielts buddy i am going to give exam 3 time and last time also so please help me

May 08, 2017
need support
by: Anonymous

i have only five days to prepare could you help me to get my desired score

May 22, 2017
IELTS general
by: Pramod


How to improve IELTS score within 10 days.
Please advice

Jul 07, 2017
how can its possible


Jul 16, 2017
by: Aditya Gujjar

I'm not doing reading very well.
I do practice alot but I get only 5.5 and 6 band. What can I do new to get a higher band?

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Dear IELTSbuddy,

At the outset, I would like to thank you for this wonderful blog which has helped me each day to reach closer to getting a great score in IELTS examination, which I did.

It was my first attempt and I did not attend any coaching classes or any lectures, absolutely nothing; not even any mock test.

I got an overall band 8.0 with:

Listening - 8.5
Reading - 7.5
Writing - 7.0
Speaking - 8.5

The blog has brilliant tips and practical ideas with logical explanations at the required places; it is simply awesome!

My wife also scored an overall 7.0 under same aforesaid conditions as mine.

Once again, thanks a ton! And I am sure this blog will continue helping manifold test takers to come out with flying colours in the future.

Best Regards,


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Jan 04, 2017
by: Anonymous

I am taking my IELTS on 14th of January 2017, My weak point is speaking and writing. Please help me with speaking. My Skype name K Assel

Feb 03, 2017
by: Sunil singh

Plzzzz help me in my speaking my exam is on 7feb 2017 u need help

Feb 11, 2017
by: Anonymous

Want to get 6.5 pls help.
Sam from Ireland

Mar 09, 2017
looking forward to 8.5
by: ify

I have read all comments and pray to write my successful story next month. I have just one month to practice. I wise me success ..

Mar 20, 2017
by: Anonymous

i got 6 and i need to get 6.5 on 30 of march

Apr 28, 2017
Thanks Ieltsbuddy team
by: Ibrahim Muflahi



My score is kinda low .. but that was my first try on the test with my poor english language

Thanks again IB Team

May 30, 2017
need a help
by: Anonymous

please help me on 1 June 2017 my speaking exam. I got 5.0 in January. Help me with writing too on June 3. Please thanks a lot.

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IELTS buddy helped me get my IELTS Band Score of 8 in a month

by Mj
(Cebu, Philippines)

Thank you so much ielts buddy.

It was my first time taking the ielts and luckily, I got my required band score for my studies in Canada with only a month of preparation. i got Listening and Reading 8.5 and Speaking and writing 7.0 with an overall band score of 8.0.

All i ever did was use your ielts lessons in each component. It guided me all throughout my preparation.

With numerous ielts websites online, yours in particular helped me so much!

Thank you once again!

Comments for IELTS buddy helped me get my IELTS Band Score of 8 in a month

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Feb 11, 2015
Band score of 8
by: IELTS buddy

Hi Mj,

Well done and glad the site was of help to you.

Good luck for the future.

IELTS buddy

Dec 25, 2016
academic IELTS seeker
by: Anonymous

Hi everybody,

I hope you're doing well wherever you're.
I'm preparing for my academic IELTS exam. I hope I can find help here from people who have got a good mark on that exam.

My email ID is:

Hope you hear from you soon!

Apr 12, 2017
IELTS band
by: shilpa

I got only 5.5 band in IELTS. Please help me to get 6.5 band. My exam date is 6th may. please help me.

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Thanks IELTS buddy - I got the IELTS band score I needed with one months preparation

by Anette
(El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain)


I just want to say a huge thank you for providing this webpage! It has been brilliant for the preparation of the IELTS exam. There was no need to look at any books or another website, it covers everything! Particularly useful I found all the sample essays which helped me tremendously. I just wrote a couple of essays every day and compared them with the ideas on your site.

With just one month preparation and the help of your website I managed to achieve an overall score of 8.0 in the academic module (much more than I needed!). I am extremely grateful for this phantastic website and I can recommend it to everybody preparing for the test!

Thank you so much!


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IELTS 8.5 after a week of study!

by Niketa

Thanks IELTS Buddy helped me get a score of 8.5 after just about a week of studying. The lessons and the practice tests were all that I studied, no books, no classes nothing else. This site rocks!!

Comments for IELTS 8.5 after a week of study!

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Jan 28, 2017
help me
by: satheesh

Hi everyone. This is satheesh. I am weak in speaking and writing. So please help me how to get overall 7 bands in ielts. Help me please.

Mar 20, 2017
8.5 after 4 days with IELTS Buddy! Thanks a lot!
by: Sailee

I attempted the UKVI Academic test and scored 8.5 in on first try.

Your site is really helpful.

I spent four days before the exam on this site and found it to be immensely useful and friendly, especially the sample essays.

A week of sincere study using IELTS buddy along with the British council book and Road to IELTS website were enough for me to score a 8.5 band.

Thanks a lot IELTS Buddy.

Mar 24, 2017
8.5 after 4 days with IELTS Buddy! Thanks a lot!
by: IELTS buddy

Hi Sailee,

Great to hear that and glad the site helped.

Well done.

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Thanks to IELTS buddy.

by Dr Hayder

I was struggling for IELTS. I needed band 7 in each module, but always getting L 8, R 8.5, W 6.5, S 6.5. After 2 attempts just became frustrated. At this point somehow found ielts buddy.

Every page of this site is so useful. Gradually I realized my weakness and understood why i was not getting 6.5 to 7. After that appeared in 27 april exam. Got L 8, R 8.5, W 7.5, S 7. Its true that i worked hard but after that ielts buddy is the next to remember, gratefully. Simply my future changed with this score.

My feeling is that, Have i ever done such help to other's life?

May God bless you.

Comments for Thanks to IELTS buddy.

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Jun 24, 2013
by: IELTS buddy


Thanks for your comments.

Glad to hear you found the site useful and you got the score you needed.

Jul 12, 2013
by: Raman

I have my IELTS test tomorrow i.e 13/7, didn't get enough time to study & found about this site today. Wish I could have found this before :(
Let me say 1 thing, this is an awesome website for Ielts preparation.
Wish me Luck n God bless u :)

Feb 21, 2016
Reading Tips
by: S Dhanoa

Anyone looking to score higher bands in reading, I would highly recommend IELTS simon website, I scored 7 last time and after some tips from that website, I managed to score 9 in my recent exam :)

Mar 06, 2016
i got 7.0 in 30 days
by: Harwinder Singh

L/S/R/W -7/8/6/6 = 7.0

May 03, 2016
to get 7 band score in ielts
by: Anonymous

I have attempt ielts exam on 16th April, 2016 but my score is overall 5.5.Again I have taken a test date on 4th may, 2016. pls help me to achieve high band in ielts. I'm very weak in reading and somehow in writing too. please help me to score 7..

hope to see your positive response soon.

May 13, 2016
by: Ms. J

Just got my result today and I think I owe IELTS buddy lots and lots of gratitude. I happened to stumble upon this website while doing a last minute study for my IELTS Exam.

I learned so much in a short time! Beyond happy with the result I got!

Thank you for being a life savior buddy!!

Will definitely recommend your website to my friends!!


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by narjis

HI! i am pleased to say that by the help of this page i got successfully band 7.5

Thank you so much IELTS BUDDY

Comments for Thanks

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Feb 08, 2016
want to know the key to get 7 in writing
by: Anonymous

Hi, first of all, thanks for letting me post here.

I have no problem with listening and speaking as I got between 7.5 and 8.5 almost every time. But the problem is speaking and writing. I don't even remember how many times did I take IELTS and It's so sure that I got band 6.5 in writing constantly and my speaking band score was 6 earlier but now constantly getting 6.5 for the last 5 times.

It's more than 10 times I took IELTS and my writing score which is 6.5 has never changed since I start taking the test. I got overall 7 each and every time but never achieve individual 7. What I need is overall 7.5 with individual not less than 7. I don't know whats wrong with my writing and what would be the key to step up from 6.5 to 7??

The last time I took was in November,2015 and I got L-7.5, R-8, W-6.5, S-7 with overall 7.5. So I made a claim and ask to recheck my writing by hoping they would increase my writing 6.5 to 7 (just .5) but no changes happened. Just wasted recheck fees 93 bucks.

Sorry for the long posts. and really appreciate to receive ur advices and wishing all of u the best too!!!

Feb 09, 2016
Trying to get a 7
by: IELTS buddy


All I can say is that you really need to get someone qualified (an IELTS instructor) to look at your writing and tell you where you are going wrong.

Assuming that you know what you need to know about answering the question and structuring an essay, it will likely be your grammar pulling your score down.

But to establish that for sure, and, if it is that, to find out the best way to fix it, you need someone checking your writing and advising you. Without that you are going to continue making the same mistakes.

So as I said, you really need some writing checks and advice to see where you are going wrong and how to fix it.

Good luck

Jan 01, 2017
suggest the tips for speaking
by: Anonymous

How to score band of 8 in speaking? Are there any tips, please tell me I have my exam within 10 days.

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by Arturo Reyes
(Guzmán, Jalisco, México)

Many thanks for all the useful info you have posted here.

It helped me get the scores I needed (6.5 overall and at least 6.0 in each part).

The first time I got: listening 8.0, reading 6.5, writing 5.5, speaking 7.0, overall 7.0, but by studying with all the examples here I managed to get: 9.0 listening, 8.5 reading, 6.5 writing, 7.0 speaking, overall: 8.0.

I still have work to do with my writing, but I really don´t know how to thank you enough.

Greetings and keep up with the excellent work!

Comments for Feedback

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Feb 15, 2017
Congratulations Arturo
by: Jorge Chavez (Queretaro)

Hola Paisano!

It is such great news that you have achieved your desired band score. I am currently looking for an overall 7.5 and it will be my first attempt on March 24th.

I am enrolled in a prep course, however, it is not as good as I thought it would be. I found this resource webpage recently and it fit like a glove.

I will work hard in my weak points which I have identified as Writing and perhaps Reading. I kind of get freezed out with brainstorming ideas so I consider I just need to find the way to tackle that preezing anxiety moment.

Anyway, this post has just helped me to both congratulate you and practice my writing.

Any tips or advise will be truly appreciated.


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Thanks to IELTS buddy

by Kiran


I have passed my IELTS with required bands. I appeared two times before passing.I got my required band after requesting a recheck of my original scores. My writing section was a bit weak but after consulting this useful site I have learned a lot.

Thanks a lot for helping me and many other students. Every section of IELTS is fully explained in a very good manner.I have already recommended this site to my friends.
Keep doing good work like this.


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I wrote the UKVI IELTS today.

by Oren

Hi, my name is Oren, I wrote the UKVI IELTS today. It was really engaging and demanded focus and precision.

I allowed like 7 minutes to go through my work again. I am thankful to the administration and support team of ielts buddy, it really helped my writing test. I hope to share more when my results are out.

Comments for I wrote the UKVI IELTS today.

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May 31, 2015
by: IELTS buddy

Hi Oren,

Thanks for letting me know and glad the site helped.

Report back here what score you get.


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My IELTS Result

by oren

As promised, I got my IELTS results on Tuesday, although I felt a bit suspicious of the way I was graded:

Listening: 9
Speaking: 7
Reading: 7
Writing: 6.5

Band Score: 7.5.

If anyone feels this is odd, then we are on the same page.

Thanks IELTS buddy!

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Thanks for helping me get the score i needed

by Rahul


would like to earnestly thank you and your website - IELTS BUDDY for helping me clear my IELTS exam.

I received my results today and managed to score the needed bands. I had tried thrice earlier but without success. I used to always miss on writing score.

Thanks to your essay techniques which helped me to get the desired score. Without your valuable help I would not have succeeded. I am sure many people have benefited because of your endeavors.

Please keep up the good work and I wish you greater success in the times to come.

Rahul, New Delhi

Comments for Thanks for helping me get the score i needed

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Jul 22, 2013
Achieving IELTS score
by: IELTS buddy


Glad to hear you got the score you needed and that the site helped you.

Good luck for the future.


Feb 20, 2016
by: Anonymous


I took the exam 2 times and in both exam i got the same result

S: 6.5

i must get 6 in each and when i must take the last one?

please give me your priceless advice

thank you in advance

Feb 21, 2016
When to take the test again
by: IELTS buddy

Nobody can really know that. You could take some practice tests to test yourself on listening and not take the test till you can consistency score 6.

Mar 01, 2016
achieve 6.5 overall and 6 minimum each
by: Akash

Please help me ieltsbuddy my writing is so weak. Main thing is sentence structure, when i Try to make complex sentence, My structure is being wrong

Mar 04, 2016
by: Anonymous

Thank you, IELTS buddy. You really helped me a lotttt to get the desired score.


Mar 10, 2016
You saved me, IELTS buddy
by: Anonymous

Thanks IELTS Buddy for sharing the best stuff about IELTS for us. You guys are so amazing!!!

Thanks to your website, I got a 8.5 for IELTS exam and it means the world to me.

Just by getting your daily IELTS lessons and learn from the book called "The Offical Cambridge Guide To IELTS".

Once again, thanks so much for your effort to provide us with the best IELTS materials in this entire world. I highly appreciate them and will keep in touch with this great website for sure.

Mar 17, 2016
How to prepare for IELTS in just 10 days
by: Shamid

Hello i am shamid, can you guide me for my IELTS exam. It is in 10 days, how to get 7 bands?

May 03, 2016
to get 7 band score in ielts
by: Rashmi

I have attempt ielts exam on april 16, 2016 but my score is overall 5.5. Again i have a taken date on 4th may, 2016. pls help me to achieve high band in ielts . I'm very much weak in reading and somehow in writing too.

hope to see your positive response soon.

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Thanks IELTS buddy!!!

by Dr Ken
(Abuja, Nigeria)

Thanks IELTS buddy!!! Your site really helped. Thanks for even replies to questions I had while practicing.

Listening - 9.0
Reading - 8.0
Writing - 7.0
Speaking - 8.0
Overall - 8.0

First attempt.
Keep up the very good work

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IELTS buddy was just superb!

by Nikita Desai

Hi, IELTS buddy.

I just had around 10 days to prepare for the IELTS academic. And this site was just superb!

You provided enough practice lessons and tests to boost my confidence. Going through all the lessons, essays helped in understanding what was expected of us.

Appearing for an exam after around 8 yrs was already making me nervous, and that too in a foreign country was nerve wrecking.

But thanks to all the practice i got on your website, i could keep my calm and give my best.

I scored an overall band of 8.5 with individual scores of L-8.5, R-9, W-7, S-8.5

Thanks a million IELTS buddy!

Comments for IELTS buddy was just superb!

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Jun 18, 2016

by: IELTS buddy

Hi Nikita,

That's good to hear. Thanks for the feedback.

Good luck

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8.0 Overall Score

by Carlos
(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Ieltsbuddy helped me reach band 8.0 in academic module with it's exercises. I'm deeply grateful to it's owner and I encourage everyone that's about to take IELTS to study through here.

Comments for 8.0 Overall Score

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Sep 16, 2016
Thanks IELTS Bubby
by: Ronke, Nigeria

First Attempt 03/09/16

L: 8.5
R: 7.0
W: 7.0
S: 8.5

Overall 8.0.

I had less than one week to prepare...
Thank you so much.

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Thanks - got the IELTS score I needed

by Emmanuel
(Lagos, Nigeria)

Thank you so much IELTS buddy. I just viewed my test result online and i got the necessary scores for post graduate education in my first attempt.

W - 8.5
L- 7.5
S - 7.5
R - 6.5
Overall score - 7.5

I would strongly recommend this site to anyone preparing for the ielts exam. However, i would like to know if there is any possibility of a result change when collecting my hard copy result, as i expected to have scored higher in the listening test.

Thank You so so so much !!!!!!!!!!!

Comments for Thanks - got the IELTS score I needed

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Sep 18, 2016
by: IELTS buddy

Hi Emmanuel,

Glad to hear you got the score you needed.

No your result won't change. The only way to try and get a score change if you think it is wrong is by an Enquiry on Results, but there is a cost for them to remark it.

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by Loveleen Kaur
(Moga, Punjab, India)


I scored 7.5 average on my first attempt and I studied just on your site and took all your papers.

Before this I was clueless as to what kind of paper I would get. But your letters and essays and listening and reading tests helped me so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Will make sure everyone knows about your site :*

L 9
R 7.5
W 6.5
S 7

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Sep 13, 2016
by: IELTS buddy

Hi Lovleen,

Thanks for the message, glad to hear you got the score you needed and the site was useful.

Good luck.

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7.5 just with the preparation of 3 weeks

by Nazneen
(Queeta, Pakistan)

Hey IELTS Buddy, I prepared for my IELTS from your website and got bands 7.5 just with the preparation of 3 weeks :D

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Nov 11, 2016
3 weeks and band 7.5
by: IELTS buddy

Hi Nazneen,

Glad to hear that and well done.

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IELTS Score of 7.5

by Hamilton

Thanks IELTS buddy, this site helped me achieve a band score of 7.5. I had trouble with writing so practiced repeatedly. The others were made easy by your detailed explanations.

I also had doubts about giving answers in lower or upper case letters. Thankfully, I found help in the discussion forums.

Thank you so much IELTS buddy.

My Score:

Listening: 8.0
Reading: 6.5
Writing: 8.0
Speaking: 8.0

Overall: 7.5

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Dec 26, 2016
score 7.5
by: Anonymous

Hi dear,

I'm interested by your website and I want to know References for 7.5 score of IELTS please help me.

Dec 27, 2016


Jan 04, 2017
Good luck
by: Anonymous

I am taking Academic test this Saturday. Any one who is going same day with me, good luck.

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Thank you IELTS buddy, I used this site for my preparation, my writing was particularly weak.

Reading-9, Listening-8.5,Writing-7, Speaking-7.5. Overall-8. keep up the good work.

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I Scored 7.5

by Parveen Fernandes

Thank you very much IELTS buddy for all your free lessons and videos as I have cleared the IELTS by scoring overall Band 7.5.

I was weak in writing however after going through your letters and examples I scored band 7 in writing.

I scored 8 in listening, 7.5 in reading and 7.5 in speaking.

Thank you once again as your blog and site helped me a lot.

Thanks and regards
Parveen Fernandes

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Jan 27, 2017
Need help for Ielts Training
by: SFA

Congratulations! For your score.

Can you please explain me how did you learn IELTS from this website?

I am new to IELTS, I am planning to start training by using this website, I do not know how to use this training Program by using this website, I want to know which Test should I Start first?

Do I need to finish any one test at one time or need to learn all Tests together?

Like for example, first I finish Training lessons of Reading Test then I start lessons of Writing and after it Start another test, or learn all together at one time?

Jan 28, 2017
Need help for Ielts Training
by: IELTS buddy


I think it's really up to you to develop your own plan because everybody is different in terms of their level and what they should focus on.

If you are new to IELTS I'd recommend just trying some practice tests to get to know the format of the test.

Then go through the lessons which you'll find on the site. But I'd decide yourself, based on how much time you have, whether you want to just focus on one skill or mix them.

You may want to mix them up as it may be a bit boring just focusing on one thing.

Good luck

Jan 31, 2017
Ielts preparation to get good score
by: Anonymous


I am planning to appear in the next month though I'm too in reading. However I haven't yet start writing only focusing on reading n listening. My listening score is too poor only 28/29 and reading is tremendously bad.

I need to get an PHD admission by this year. Furthermore, I am doing job so my preparation time is too short as well. If I wouldn't get 7.5 at least I will not be admitted. Please suggest me what I should do.

Shafin Zaman

Mar 01, 2017
Thank You
by: Akshar Goyal

My scores are
Speaking- 7.0
Writing:- 6.5
Reading:- 8.5
Listening:- 8.5

Thank you IELTSBuddy. Your tips and examples really helped me a lot.

Mar 02, 2017
Thank You
by: IELTS buddy

Hi Akshar,

Well done.

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Akshar Goyal

by Akshar Goyal
(Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India)

Thank you IELTSBuddy for your tips and examples.

My scores are as follows:

Speaking:- 7.0
Listening:- 8.5
Reading:- 8.5
Writing:- 6.5
Overall:- 7.5

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Mar 21, 2017
The best ILETS website Ever

I appreciate your effort

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Overall score of 8 - It's all because of your free practice material and tips!

by Anam

Dear IELTS Buddy, I do not have enough words to express my gratitude to your website. Today i got my result and got an overall score of 8. Its all because of your free practice material and tips! Thank you so much! You guys are doing a wonderful job!

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Mar 05, 2017
Band 8
by: IELTS buddy

Well done Anam.

Glad to hear the site helped you.

Good luck.

Mar 05, 2017
Books Not Free Available
by: Anonymous

No doubt. Your website is best but i hate that you do not provide free books.

Mar 05, 2017
need help
by: Anonymous

Do you have any helpful advice from you pls, since you scored 8. Thank you.

Apr 21, 2017
Thank u
by: Bukola

Thank you ieltsbuddy...your companionship really worked for me...I had 7.5 / 7.5 / 7 / 8 in my ielts speaking, reading, writing, listening respectively at first're really a buddy. Keep up the great job!!

May 09, 2017
Want help
by: Anonymous

Hello ielts buddy
Could You Please guide me About this 5 day course. Means how to follow Schedule. Please help me, I am in great need.

May 10, 2017
Want help
by: IELTS buddy

Sorry but I don't know what 5 day course you mean.

May 11, 2017
Help me to get good scores
by: Anonymous

Ok then please help me to preapre my ielts exam with this ielts buddy course means how I should follow this on daily basis

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Helpful IELTS buddy

by Kristina

I took my Academic IELTS exam last June 17, 2017 and I thank God for giving me my desired score (L-9, R- 8, W- 7, S- 7). IELTS buddy is also one of the sites that have been very helpful in my test prep. So thank you so much to the person/s behind this site.

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Jul 02, 2017
Help to get IELTS Score
by: IELTS buddy

Hi Kristina,

Glad to hear the site helped and thanks for the feedback.

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