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Sep 29, 2020

IELTS Listening Section 4 Practice: Multiple Choice and Gap Fill

IELTS listening section 4 practice, with questions to improve multiple choice and gap fill (or sentence completion)

Continue reading "IELTS Listening Section 4 Practice: Multiple Choice and Gap Fill"

Sep 24, 2020

Conference Centre Training

The company you work for is planning to provide special training for staff. Your duty is to find out if the local conference centre has suitable facilities

Continue reading "Conference Centre Training"

Sep 24, 2020

Children Leaning Languages Essay

Some experts believe that it is better for children to begin learning a foreign language at primary school rather than secondary school. Do the advantages

Continue reading "Children Leaning Languages Essay"

Sep 21, 2020

Computer Ownership Graph

Can someone evaluate my writing pls? The graphs illustrate the proportion of people who owned computers of the population and by educational qualifications

Continue reading "Computer Ownership Graph"

Sep 14, 2020

Benefits of Nuclear Technology Essay

The threat of nuclear weapons maintains world peace and nuclear power provides cheap and clean energy. The benefits of nuclear technology far outweigh

Continue reading "Benefits of Nuclear Technology Essay"

Sep 14, 2020

IELTS Line Graph: Changing Rates of Crime

The graph examines the rate of crimial activity in Newport city during different years, from 2003 to 2012. The crimes that are compared are burglary, car

Continue reading "IELTS Line Graph: Changing Rates of Crime"

Sep 10, 2020

Writing Task 1 Bar Chart Sample - Organising your Response

This writing task 1 bar chart sample provides a model answer that would achieve a high score in the IELTS test. A key to a high score is a well-organised response.

Continue reading "Writing Task 1 Bar Chart Sample - Organising your Response"

Sep 07, 2020

Reading Books Essay

Many children no longer read books and instead spend their time using modern technology. While some people think this is a positive trend, others think

Continue reading "Reading Books Essay"

Sep 07, 2020

Success in Sport Essay

Some people think that physical strength is important for success in sport, while other think that mental strength is more important. Discuss both views

Continue reading "Success in Sport Essay"

Aug 23, 2020

Learning about the Past Essay

Learning about the past has no value for those of us living in the present. To what extent do you agree or disagree? The past does not not afford people

Continue reading "Learning about the Past Essay"

Aug 12, 2020

Language for Graphs Quiz: Test your language for Academic Task 1

In this language for graphs quiz you practice vocabulary and grammar that is needed to write about graphs, charts and tables, including language connected to change.

Continue reading "Language for Graphs Quiz: Test your language for Academic Task 1"

Jul 29, 2020

IELTS Bar Chart - Owning Renting Accommodation

The chart below shows the percentage of households in owned and rented accommodation in England and Wales between 1918 and 2011. Summarise the

Continue reading "IELTS Bar Chart - Owning Renting Accommodation"

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