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IELTS Speaking Practice: Lessons & Tips

This page provides you with all the IELTS speaking practice you need to do well in the test. 

Lessons for Each Part:

Part One

Improving your Responses
This lesson uses a quiz to teach you how to best answer questions in part 1 of the IELTS speaking test. 

Types of Speaking Questions
In this IELTS practice lesson some of the common types of questions that appear in part 1 of the test are explained. The aim is to improve the accuracy of your answers to questions.

Part Two

Extending Your Answer
In this lesson, learn some tips on how to extend your speaking for part 2 of the speaking test. 

Mind Map: Structuring your talk
This lesson explain how you can use a mind map to help you brainstorm and organise you talk for part 2 of the test. There is also a sample answer.

Answering Hypothetical Questions
IELTS Practice: speaking about an unreal future situation in part 2 of the IELTS test.

Part Three

Describing Changes
You often have to discuss changes in part 3 of the speaking test. This IELTS practice lesson provides you with grammar tips to answer these questions. 

Talking about the Future
You often have to discuss the future in part 3 of the speaking test. This lessons provides you with grammar tips to answer these questions. 

Giving & Justifying Opinions
Learn some useful phrases for giving opinions in part 3 and justifying those opinions. 

Talking about Personal Experiences
Many students make the mistake of talking about themselves in part 3. This is ok, but only for examples. Learn more about it here.

Parts One to Three

Formality & Getting the tone right
This lesson explains what tone you should use in the speaking to help you sound natural.

Useful IELTS Interview Expressions
This lesson provides you with a set of useful expressions that you can use to help you in the all parts of the speaking test, particularly part 3. 

Common Questions about the IELTS Speaking Test
Here we look at 10 frequently asked questions about this section of the test.

Fillers to Improve Fluency: Avoid Saying 'Uhm' 'Eh'
In this lesson we teach you some useful fillers to avoid a low fluency score for using bad fillers like 'Uhm' and 'Eh'.

Key Phrases for IELTS Speaking
This lesson provides you with lots of key phrases to improve Fluency and Coherence, one of the criteria you are graded on in the test.

How to Paraphrase for Band 8
To get a band 8, you have to be able to paraphrase effectively. Learn more and practice.

These IELTS speaking lessons provide you with strategies and tips to ensure you can improve your speaking for the test and get a higher band score. 

They cover all the three parts of the test - the introductory questions of Part 1, the long-term or two minute talk of Part 2, and the discussion in Part 3

More IELTS Speaking Resources 

Sample Test Questions

Here you can view examples of the kinds of questions and topics that are asked in the test:

IELTS Speaking Tips

Check out these top tips if you want a quick overview of what you should and should not do in the IELTS speaking test:

Speaking Correction

We have a service where you can record and submit your speaking. It will then be correct and given a band score.

IELTS Speaking Forum

In the IELTS Speaking Forum you can read important and useful questions that other people have asked about this part of the test, or you can also ask your own questions.

These are some of the best questions and answers that may help you to prepare:

And remember you can post your own question if you need, so head to the forums if there is something about the test that you don't understand. 

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