IELTS Speaking Samples

Studying IELTS speaking samples can be a great way to learn how to answer a variety of different question types. 

This page provides model answers to common questions that have been asked in parts one, two and three of the test. 

In part one you are asked general questions about hobbies or activities, in part two you have to talk on a topic for 2 minutes and in part three you have a discussion with the examiner about questions related to your talk in part two. 

These are a number of resources you can use to learn more about the speaking test and how to answer the questions:

Speaking Questions with Answers

These are test questions in which you are provided with some answers that would get a high score. 

These are excellent resources to understand what you need to do to get a high IELTS speaking score. 

They IELTS speaking samples from all three parts of the test:

Hear a Test

Here you can listen to some candidates giving their answers in a mock IELTS test. The first one is a full test and the second is just for Part Two.

For each test there is an analysis and feedback so you can see what is positive or negative about their tests. 



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