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On this page you will find an IELTS speaking sample from a candidate taking a mock test.

There are three parts to the speaking test:

  1. In the first part the candidate answers familiar questions about their life;
  2. In part 2, the candidate has to speak for 1-2 minutes on a familiar topic provided by the examiner;
  3. In part 3 more abstract questions are asked that are related to the topic from part 2.

In this IELTS speaking sample there are example answers for each part of the test.

There is also an assessment of the performance at the end by an experienced IELTS instructor.

Part 1


1) Can you tell me about any hobbies that you have?

2) Are there any other hobbies that you would like to have in the future?

3) Do you think hobbies should be relaxing or should they be exciting?

English Studies

4) When and why did you start to learn English?

5) What aspects of learning English do you find the most difficult?

Daily Routine

6) How do you spend a typical Sunday?

7) What routine activity do you dislike the most?

8) Do you like having a set routine at work or would you prefer less structure?


Part 2

Describe a sport that you enjoy playing or watching.

You should say:

  • Why you started playing or watching this sport
  • How often you play or watch it
  • What benefits you get from playing or watching it

And explain why you prefer this sport to others.


Part 3

Spectator Sports

1) Are there differences between the numbers of people who watch sports and the numbers who play it?

2) Why do you think some people enjoy watching sport?

3) What are the advantages and disadvantages of watching sport live or on television?

Sports Advertising and the Media

4) What role does advertising have in sports events?

5) How important is money in sport?

IELTS Speaking Sample Assessment

Overall, this interviewee would score fairly low if their performance was the same in the real test.

There are a number of positive points to the interview. The candidate attempts to give full extended answers for most of the questions (though some need further extension in part 1) which is important, and she directly answers the questions that are asked.

However, using the IELTS public speaking band descriptors to assess, there are a number of problems that can be identified that will bring the score down.

Fluency and Coherence:

The candidate struggles with her flow of speech in much of the test and there are lots of hesitations and repetitions that she uses to keep going. This is very noticeable in her long-turn in part 2.

She also loses coherence in parts of the test which can make it difficult to follow her response e.g. question 4 in part 3.

Lexical Resource (Vocabulary):

She does have the vocabulary to discuss familiar topics (parts 1 and 2) and unfamiliar topics (part 3) but it is fairly basic and her flexibility is limited.

She often struggles to find the right words and mistakes with her lexis and collocations are fairly common.

For example, when she says: "I want to study in aboard...". "In" should not be there and "aboard" should be "abroad". There are many examples of such mistakes.

Grammatical Range and Accuracy:

She does use some complex sentence structures in her speaking, but there are frequent errors in many of her sentences, simple and complex, throughout the test. For example, in question 4 (Part 1) she says:

  • "...but I'm not practice it when I'm younger"

This should be:

  • "...but I didn't practice it when I was younger"


She can mostly be understood throughout the interview but there are quite a lot of obvious mispronunciations such as "volleybon" instead of "volleyball" and "10 years go" "instead of "10 years ago" in Part 2, the long-turn.

Some people may struggle to understand her response in places.

Live Part 2 Sample >

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