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IELTS Topic Related Vocabulary

This IELTS Topic Related Vocabulary will help you to learn useful words and phrases that may come up in the IELTS test or that can be used in essays or speaking.

Each IELTS vocabulary list consists of:

  • The Word
  • The Definition
  • An Example Sentence

All vocabulary is useful for IELTS as the test is essentially just testing your English skills, so don't get too focused on specific words that you may need for the test.

However, there are certain topics that come up in the test so it's useful to know different words and phrases connected to them so you can potentially demonstrate a wide range of vocabulary and express yourself in the best way possible.

They could be useful for all modules of the test.

You could get these kinds of topics in your speaking test in Section Three and you may get an essay topic related to them.

And of course it helps with your reading to know as many words as possible as they are very complex, and with the final sections of the listening test, which again are likely to have higher level vocabulary.  

Words in Context

It's always better to see words as they are used in a sentence rather than just learning a single word or phrase on its own and having no idea how it is used.

If you follow the links, you'll the examples of the words in a sentence, but after each list of words you'll also see a link to essays on the same topic so you can see some of the words in context.

This will help improve your knowledge of the words and show you how they can be used.

Essential Vocabulary for IELTS

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