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Information Technology Vocabulary

These are useful words and phrases using information technology vocabulary, a common topic in IELTS.

There is a an example of the word in context, but remember there are many different word forms so do your own research on the words and check how they are used in different situations.

You will find:

The word The definition
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vocabulary information technology

Information Technology Vocabulary


The right to use or look at something

Everybody should have access to the internet.

Modern and well developed

Technological advances
have brought many benefits to the world.

Japan has very advanced technology (not 'high' technology!).

To make a process in a factory or office operate by machines or computers, in order to reduce the amount of work done by humans and the time taken to do the work

The automation of production processes has led to increased unemployment.

Many production processes these days are automated.

When something joins or is joined to something else, or the part or process that makes this possible

Most people are connected to the internet these days.

Having a connection to the internet is important.

I often have problems connecting to the internet.

The act of communicating with people

Email has made communication, especially abroad, much simpler and faster.

Communicating with people by email is very easy.

An object or machine which has been invented for a particular purpose

It is important to have some kind of communication device such as a mobile telephone or the internet.

A new idea or method

Smart phones are the latest innovation in computer technology.

Steve Jobs was a great innovator.

Something which has never been made before, or the process of creating something which has never been made before

The world changed rapidly after the invention of the telephone.

Many useful devices have been invented over the last few decades.

A piece of equipment with several moving parts which uses power to do a particular type of work

Factories now make use of machines to do a lot of the work humans used to do.

Machinery does most of the work in factories.

Modern, recent, or containing the latest information

Teenagers think it is important to have the most up-to-date technology.

If something, especially something related to a computer, is user-friendly, it is simple for people to use

Modern mobile phones such as the i-phone are very user-friendly.

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