This page provides you with links to sites that you may find useful for finding our more about the test or improving your score.

Official IELTS Sites

These are the places that own and run the test. You should check out these for things such as booking a test, finding a test centre, and learning more about the test.  


IELTS Facebook Page

British Council


Genuine Practice Tests

Here are some places where you can find practice tests.

These are from the official IELTS partners so they are sure to be the same as what you will get in the real test:

British Council Practice Tests

IDP Practice Tests

The Cambridge Books which you can purchase also provide actual old tests. We have links to them on our books page:

Cambridge IELTS Books

Speaking Practice

It can be difficult to get English speaking practice if you don't have anybody to practice with.

You can of course try to contact someone on our Speaking Buddy pages. Otherwise, English Arch's may be able to connect you up with a Skype Partner:

English Arch's Skype Buddies

Or here you can find a Facebook page dedicated to finding a speaking partner:

IELTS Speaking on Skype

The IELTS Network Forum also has a section dedicated to finding a partner:

IELTS Network Speaking Partner

And if you are lucky you may even meet someone to talk to face-to-face in your local area if you try Conversation Exchange:

Conversation Exchange

Writing Corrections

Student's often want their writing checked and corrected, and obviously this can be an important way to improve your writing. You need to know where your mistakes are.

IELTS buddy doesn't provide this service at the moment, but if you search the internet you'll find a number of places that do.

You will usually have to pay for this though. Here are some paid services:

IELTS Advantage Writing Corrections

English Ryan Writing Corrections

The IELTS Teacher Writing Corrections

IELTS Up provides a free service, but unfortunately they are only able to provide a band score, not corrections, but this may still be useful to find out roughly what level you are at:

IELTS Up Writing Band Score Prediction

Grammar Help

Grammar is obviously important for the test, but student's particularly need help for their writing. 

IELTS buddy has its own IELTS Grammar pages that are geared specifically towards IELTS, but here are some useful sites to help with this.

Really Learn English provide a useful set of lessons that cover many grammar topics, and you'll also find practice exercises on the site:

Really Learn English Grammar Lessons


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