Ultimate Vocabulary

Ultimate Vocabulary is a program that you can use if you want that bit of extra help to build up a good bank of vocabulary.

One of the most difficult things about learning new vocabulary is trying to organize a way to do it and then finding a way to remember those words and practice them.

If you have problems with this then this software may be of use to you and you may want to purchase it.

Below I'll explain a few things that it can do to help you decide if it is right for you.

Word Lists

There are a total of 142,647 words in the Vocabulary Builder.

However, these words are divided into different lists so you can target the words you wish to learn. The lists are:

  • Words for Life Success
  • GRE Exam (Masters Level Words)
  • GRE (PhD Level Words)
  • SAT Exam (Grade 11 - college level words)
  • TOEFL Exam (Advanced ESL Words)
  • Most Common English Words
  • English Conversation Words
  • Grades 1-10
  • GMAT Exam
  • My Word Lists


The software then has a number of games you can use to practice the words such as flash cards, hangman, drag and drop, definition mix, word search and hangman.

Ultimate Vocabulary therefore tries to make learning the words fun to encourage you to practice.

Track Your Progress

The software also has technology that will track how you progress with your learning.

How is it useful for IELTS?

You'll notice that there is no specific word list for IELTS, but obviously any vocabulary is important in order to build up your level of English, and IELTS is ultimately an English test.

A particular feature though that may make it useful for you in learning new words is the "My Word Lists" feature.

You can use this to input your own words and create personalised lists and then practice the words with the games.

For example, IELTS vocabulary is often divided up into different topics for learning purposes, such as technology, the environment, health etc. So you could create your own lists of words under these topics as you learn them.

Or, on this site, I have encouraged you to learn the Academic Word List and I have divided this into sublists of 10 words with some practice exercises.

You could put these words into your own lists in Vocabulary Builder in order to have further practice and monitor your learning.

I have also emphasised the importance of learning words in context and learning about word collocation. This software gives a list of 50 example sentences for each word so you can see the word in an actual sentence which helps you understand how to use it properly.

Reduced Price for IELTS buddy users

Normally the product retails for around $67. However, you can purchase Ultimate Vocabulary at a reduced price of £17 or $30 through this site.

But it is up to you to decide if it is the right product for you - so do your own research by checking out some online reviews.

If you follow the link to the product by clicking on the banner to the right you can purchase the product and you will find further information on the software.



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