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IELTS Enquiry on Results Procedure 
Hi guys, Just wanted to share my IELTS general experience and the IELTS enquiry on results procedure. I gave mine in Nov 2018 (first attempt) and the …

Stuttering in the IELTS Speaking Test 
Good morning all, Please I need some clarification about some mistakes i made during my speaking test on 4th of December. There was this section …

What does IELTS band 7 speaking sound like? 
What should your speaking sound like in order to achieve band 7?

Which Part of the IELTS Speaking Test is the Most Important? 
Hi IELTS buddy, First I wanna say thank you for the last time you helped me. Your advice is really helpful and I really appreciate it. This time I have …

Grammar in IELTS Speaking 
Hi IELTS Buddy, This is Jane from China. I am here to ask for some suggestion and advice from you. I am currently majoring in English as a freshman in …

3 Months to Get IELTS Band 7.5 
Hello IELTS buddy, I have got 6.0 bands in speaking, listening and in writing I got 6.5 and in reading I got 5.5. I want to get 7 bands in reading …

How can I get Band 8 in IELTS Speaking? 
Hi, I wonder how to manage speaking in part 2 and 3 to get band 8. I have seen many episodes but I couldn't find any clear method.

Contractions and Pronunciation in IELTS Speaking 
Hello IELTS Buddy, Academic IELTS questions: 1) Contractions: My question is about contractions in speaking sections of academic IELTS. Is it …

Do I have enough time to prepare for IELTS Life Skills? 
Hello! I am going to give IELTS life skills exam on 20th of this month, I have just 9 days for speaking and listening practice. Is it sufficient …

Can I get at least 5.5 band in my speaking test? 
Can I get at least 5.5 band in my speaking test? I know it’s very difficult to judge me but can you tell me from your experience, what chance (on scale …

How is the IELTS Speaking Test graded? 
Hi, I attended my Speaking yesterday. The cue card topic was: "Describe about a classical song which you like the most" I'm fond of music …

A Common Misconception of the IELTS Speaking Test 
Hi, I was wondering in the speaking section can we give a reply that is in the middle of the option of the question asked. Example - If the test …

Did I mess up the IELTS speaking Test? 
Hello! I took my ielts speaking test few days back. My exam was in the morning but it took me ages to have the speaking, it was at 6 in the evening. …

I missed my IELTS Speaking Test - What can I do? 
Hi Today was my ielts speaking test and i failed to attend the test, can i request IDP for another test date, if yes how can i request?

Dealing with the IELTS Examiner 
Hello ielts buddy, I took the speaking exam this morning, and it was the most longest conversation I had (well I think it is) anyways, I did find it …

Why did I get IELTS Speaking 5.5? 
Hi there! I have a question relate to speaking test. In ielts speaking test I used lots of academic words and some more complex sentences, plus …

What if I have no experience of the part 2 IELTS speaking topic?  
hi, i have query that if in speaking part 2 the examiner asks me to talk about an accident you saw but in actuality i have not experienced any thing …

How can I know about all the topics in the IELTS Speaking Parts 2 and 3? 
hi i am princy i would like to know what all kind of topics can come in speaking part 2 & 3. i have been through a number of samples and there …

Will it affect my score if I speak for less than two minutes? 
Hi... I failed to speak more than 1.5 min on part 2. will it affect my band score? Rest was quite normal.

How can I deal with nervousness in the IELTS Speaking Test? 
Hello, Today I appeared in the speaking test. Well, when I entered the test room I was nervous. I lost my fluency a bit because of nervousness, though …

What if I speak off topic in IELTS Speaking Part 2? 
Today is my ielts speaking test. In part 2 I made a mistake. I have been given a topic on the place where you go to read. The answer would be library, …

How does fluency affect my IELTS speaking score? 
How can I improve my fluency? All of my teachers say that I do not have any mistakes in grammar but the fluency. Please suggest me. My test is knocking …

I have 2 days to prepare for the IELTS Speaking Test - What should I do? 
Hi sir, I am having speaking test day after tomorrow, due to emergency I have not practiced from the date I have registered for exam, it's been two …

Questions about Part 3 of the IELTS Speaking Test 
Hello, I have a question about Speaking part 3. How long am I supposed to speak? Like 1 minute for question or less, 30-45 seconds? Thanks in …

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If the examiner had to repeat a question, will it affect my score? 
I had my speaking test today ...but i am very nervous becoz in questioning section examiner ask me 3 questions 2 time each .....she was not getting my …

Some practicalities of the IELTS 2 minute talk 
I have a question of cue card? Is it true repeat question of cue card when I am answering? Or it decrease my level?

Real IELTS Speaking Questions from Past Tests 
Hi guys..! I completed my speaking part of IELTS exam on 17th December 2014. Here I am uploading questions which I got in the speaking part. Hope it …

How do I get an IELTS speaking band 7? 
I want to get band 7 in speaking. could u please tell me that how can I secure it... regards.

Why did the examiner stop me from speaking? 
hi people, I just had my speaking test yesterday. the examiner seems to be very friendly and cordial but one thing which puzzled me was that the …

Can I ask the examiner to repeat or rephrase a question? 
Today I have taken IELTS speaking test. Then I didn't listen clearly understand the some of questions of examiner. Therefore, i have requested to repeat …

What should I do if I can't answer a question in the IELTS speaking test? 
Hello all, I have a question about IELTS speaking test. Just wondering what I should say if the examiner asking about some questions that I have no …

Some practicalities of the IELTS speaking test 
I have my speaking test for ielts scheduled on the 7th of november at 2:10. i would like to know how long it will take for my exam to get over. my other …

How can I improve my IELTS speaking score? 
How can I get more than 5.5 in IELTS speaking?

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