IELTS Enquiry on Results Procedure

by Koolgurl

Hi guys,

Just wanted to share my IELTS general experience and the IELTS enquiry on results procedure. I gave mine in Nov 2018 (first attempt) and the below was my score:

R 8.5, L 8, S 6.5, W 7

I needed to get 7 in I was like super disappointed. Cuz I would have to take the entire exam again to get 0.5 in speaking and there was the added risk of scoring less in the other parts in the next attempt.

So I was strongly considering revaluation. Here are a few things about my revaluation and the IELTS enquiry on results procedure.

IELTS Enquiry on Results Procedure:

1) IF your highest and lowest scores are different by 2 or more points then it IS true that 2 examiners will review your results.

2) BUT this is verified only locally. So if you are very confident that your score is not right you can give it for revaluation which will be done in Britain.

3) your revaluation money does get reimbursed if score increases.

4) the score can’t decrease after revaluation. It either increases or stays he same.

5) you can be sure that they do a genuine revaluation of your scores. Mine increased from 6.5 to 7.5 in speaking!!!!!

6) cost of revaluation is the same whether you want to revaluate only one section or all 4 sections.

7) revaluation is a waste for reading and listening since it’s all right or wrong answers. Consider it ONLY if you need higher scores in speaking or writing. Also do not consider it if you need the score to increase more ban a max of 1 point.

For anyone out there considering revaluation or awaiting revaluation results, be positive! My revaluation result came out on 5th Jan 2019. I had applied for it in last week of nov 2018.

Do let me know if any of you have any questions on this or the IELTS enquiry on results procedure :)

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Feb 01, 2019
IELTS Enquiry on Results Procedure
by: IELTS buddy

Hi Koolgurl,

Thanks for telling your IELTS remark story.

You've provided some really useful information on the IELTS Enquiry on Results Procedure.

It's impossible to know the IELTS remark success rate but your IELTS remark story shows that it is possible.

Congratulations on your success.

Feb 18, 2019
How did you get the result
by: Anonymous

We have applied for revaluation, BC guys are saying they will send the result in post? Is it that way you got the result?

Mar 16, 2019
My unbelievable writing score
by: Zsattar

I received my test result as follows:

L 9
R 9
W 6.5
S 7.5

Overall 8

Yet I could not qualify for being short of just 0.5 in writing module.

I have always been a good writer as far as grammar, vocabulary and contents considered. I don't believe in memorizing answers for writing or speaking. I might have made few spelling mistakes cos I could not get any time to re check or edit my writing.

However, I m quite sure that I can communicate very well in writing and I make perfect sense with due respect given to grammar. I don't care nor hoped for 7.5 or 8 in writing. But I am sure, knowing myself and reading sample essays in Cambridge past papers that scored 7 or even 7.5, that I deserved 7 at least.

I believe I should apply for re evaluation of my writing only.
My first IELTS was 10 years ago and I scored overall 7.5 and no less than 7 in any module.

Any input will be helpful.

Mar 19, 2019
A score never seen before.
by: Anonymous

Hello, I got my test results online last week and scored

I need 7 in writing and thinking about applying for EOR, any suggestion or thoughts on my decision to do the same is really appreciated

Mar 21, 2019
A score never seen before.
by: IELTS buddy

To be honest, with those discrepancies your writing was probably looked at again.

There is a procedure in place whereby if the scores look like they could possibly be wrong, it is flagged up and double checked. A difference of 2 bands is believed to represent this and yours falls into that category.

So there is little point in an Enquiry on Results for you.

Apr 08, 2019
Shall I go for recheck?
by: Anonymous

I got my scores last week :
LRWS 9 9 6.5 7.5 .

Do you think my scores were also rechecked because of 2 band difference!? Or shall I apply for recheck?

Apr 22, 2019
The same boat
by: Niva


We are almost on the same boat. I just viewed my score today(BC) and I got 6.5 in Speaking. I was a little bit disappointed because my target was really to score at least 7 each. In what country did you take your IELTS exam? I took mine in Philippines. Really planning to have an EOR. My scores in other sections are : Listening : 8.5, Reading: 7.5, Writing : 7. Do you think I stand a good chance? Though I could really say that I was nervous at the time of the speaking exam. I just think I still deserve a 7.

By the way, your post is really helpful. thanks

May 09, 2019
Negative EOR
by: Anonymous

Hey all, here's my own experience. I scored L9, R9, W7.5, S8.5, in March 2019 but had to get 8 in all components.

I applied for en enquiry on results for writing only, it came back after 4 weeks, writing score unchanged :(

May 19, 2019
How can I know my changed scores for EOR
by: Harshil Thakkar

I applied for EOR process on 6th May 2019 with scores L-7, R-7.5, W-6.5 S-5.5 in IELTS ACADEMIC.

What are my chances of getting bands changed & how will I came to know about my results through mail or message.

Jun 03, 2019
Advice on IELTS EOR
by: Alice C

Hi everyone, I took my second exam last month after 2 years. Results: Overall band score 6.0
Listening: 7.0
Reading: 6.5
Writing: 5.0
Speaking: 5.0
I was really surprised for 2 reasons: When I took the exam in 2017 I had LIST (5.5), READ (6.5), WRIT (5.5), SP (6.0). I was not really prepared and I couldn't finish Writing TASK2. In these 2 years I lived in England for a while, I graduated and I definitely improved my knowledge of the language, especially in listening (and in fact I had an increase in listening from 5.5 to 7.0). what I can't explain is the deterioration in speaking and writing, when I managed to finish both tasks 1 and 2. In general my writing skills are very high, and I have been studying English since I was little. These results do not correspond to my real knowledge of the English language. Would you give me your opinion on the whole question and above all if it's worth asking for an EOR for the Writing and Speaking sections? I need an overall band score of 6.5. Thank you all.

Jun 08, 2019
Enquiry on results
by: Anonymous

Do you think I should ask for remark please help me

Jun 26, 2019
by: Anonymous

Hello! Thanks for all the information. As I see, my scores are probably useless for remarking?

L 8
R 8
W 6
S 65

I was dissapointed about my speaking knowledge. Because I was sure to get 7 or so. But the biggest worry is on my writing band score. Will have to take Ielts again for lacking 0.5 in writing section...
I am not 100percent sure if I can get higher mark though 😔 what would you do? Should I try reevaluation?

Jun 27, 2019
Scores not automatically checked if 2 band difference
by: Anonymous

My friend had a 9 in listening and 6.5 in writing and then got a 7.5 in writing. So I don't think they always recheck after you score 2 or more bands higher. She lives in the UK and got her results in 4 weeks.

I got an 8.5 in writing in my first attempt and on my second attempt (because the ielts expires) I got a 6.5. So strange. But I did do the exam in an different venue and it was a CBT exam.

So I'm going to go for a remark and will update on it soon. But I heard a lot of ppl do not get a bump up and even if they do it is only by 0.5. But I desperately need a 0.5 bump up so I'm going to give it a go.

Might take a lot of time but we will see. Coz I don't believe I did that badly, certainly not to a 6.5 level.

Jun 28, 2019
by: Anonymous


Jun 28, 2019
Decreased scores after EOR
by: IELTS buddy

I've not heard of scores going down before.

Jun 28, 2019
by: Anonymous


Jul 03, 2019
by: IELTS buddy

I've not heard of scores decreasing.

Jul 09, 2019
by: Akshay

Hello.BC had asked me also to send the old TRF as the scores have changed. I had applied for writing. I had 6.5; needing 7... Does that mean the score have increased....just waiting..

Jul 11, 2019
Ielts revaluation
by: Anonymous

Bro do we get the money refunded before the TRF is been couriered??

Jul 12, 2019
Results of EOR
by: Alice C

Hi everyone,

I want to write the update of my Enquiry on Results. I asked for a revision for the Writing and Speaking sections.

The Speaking has passed from 5 to 6, with an increase of 1 point, while the Writing one from 5 to 5.5, with an increase of 0.5.

However, I preferred to repeat the exam again and her are the new scores:

Listening 6
Reading 7.5
Writing 5
Speaking 7

As you can see, there aren't any guarantees, it often depends on individual performance but some constants, perhaps on the Writing section, I think can be noticed in different candidates, for what I have seen.

I hope to be useful to someone or at least to remove some doubts.

All the best,


Aug 20, 2019
by: Anonymous


I sent put in for EOR two days ago. I still haven't received a mail from BC stating that they have received my papers for reevaluation. Please is this normal?

Can I get a final result without any form of acknowledgement? Also the site says the process takes 2 to 21 days. Is this true?

Any recent experiences with them to verify this?

Aug 23, 2019
IELTS Enquiry on Results Procedure
by: IELTS buddy

I'm not sure how they acknowledge it but I would expect there must be some kind of acknowledgement. Contact them and ask them about it.

Aug 24, 2019
Unsatisfied with Revaluation
by: Sumanjeet Kaur

I got Lisening 7.5, Reading 7.5,Speaking 6.5 but in writing5.5.I needed 6 in writing.I do not know why they did not increase .5 bands as I was always good at writing.I am not satisfy with revaluation process and only for .5 I will have to go for exam again.

Sep 13, 2019
Remarking result
by: Anonymous

I filed for a remarking for my UKVI IELTS. Today, I received an email saying the test result is out, I am wondering if I can view my test result online? Or I have to wait for it in my mail? If the score is higher, do they send you the check as well?

Sep 20, 2019
How we will come to know about new score?
by: Dhrumit

Hello, koolgurl

I just want to know how you came to know about your new result. I mean they sent you mail?, Letter? Or SMS?

Sep 21, 2019
Guidance regarding EOR for speaking.
by: Anonymous

Hey, I got my IELTS result today, it's
Listening 8
Reading 8
Writing 7 and speaking 6.5

I need 7 in speaking is there any chance that my speaking result will change if I opt for EOR.

Sep 23, 2019
Regarding EOR result
by: simrat

Hey everyone ,i also applied for EOR in writing module (5.5) on 30 july 2019 and got email from british council on 20-sep-2019 that there is a change in my score
They ask to send old TRF i hv sent it today on 23-sep
Even i got my full EOR fees back from british council few days ago.
I want to ask that the score will only increase or there may be any chance of decrease

Sep 23, 2019
by: Anonymous

Will the EOR mail state that the score has been changed or not, I just got a mail from them, it didn’t state if there was a change or not, I don’t even know ow soon I will be able to go n get it from BC office cox of work! Any help?

Sep 28, 2019
by: Anonymous

Hi all my first attempt LRWS 6.5/7.5/6.5/7

As.i need individual 7 exce6 writing on my second attempt LRWs 7.5/7.5/6/7
Am sure that my writing was not bad..I have completed within the time limit ,and re checked it
.so just for a trial and I need 0.5 increase in writing I have given eor .is there any chance i will get o.5 increment.. plz .reply me

Oct 10, 2019
Overall score 8.5
by: Anonymous

Hi ..
I just received my ielts exam..
L 8.5
R 7
S 7
W 6.5

Any chances of increase of 0.5 band after EOR?

Please advise whether i should go for revaluation or not?

Oct 17, 2019
Where to address initial TRF
by: Anonymous

So BC sent me an email that there was an increase in my writing module's score. However, they didn't give me instructions where to address the initial TRF because I took it here in Helsinki, 🇫🇮 and proctors from BC Athens 🇬🇷 were the ones who gave the exam. Should I mail it back to BC Athens or BC Finland? Just want to make sure.

Oct 17, 2019
by: Anonymous101

Did you receive an email regarding the reimbursement since your score in speaking got increased?

Oct 18, 2019
by: Anonymous

BC has asked me to submit old TRF few days back. 3 days passed still no update from them. In how many days do BC send the upated TRF Any idea??

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