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I have 2 days to prepare for the IELTS Speaking Test - What should I do?

by Ashwin

Hi sir,

I am having speaking test day after tomorrow, due to emergency I have not practiced from the date I have registered for exam, it's been two days I am study on your site.

What should I do to get good score in this two days time? It's been only two days I have started. Please suggest me what to do.

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Jul 20, 2015
Preparing for the speaking test
by: IELTS buddy

Hi Ashwin,

There is not much that I can tell you that will improve your speaking in a couple of days.

You should make sure you understand what you have to do in each part of the test (parts 1, 2 and 3) and look at some tips and strategies for this, which you can find on this site and other sites.

Here you can learn about the speaking test.

Being prepared in this way will help, but you have said you have been looking through this site so I assume you have done this already.

So the next thing is to actually improve your speaking skills in terms of fluency, grammar, pronunciation etc, but you really can't do this in just a few days. It takes many weeks and months to improve something like this.

Today and tomorrow just have a practice at answering IELTS speaking questions for the different parts. Try recording yourself if you can.

Don't worry too much about your grammar - it's too late to fix any problems with this, and if you worry about what you are saying it will impact on your fluency.

Good luck

Jul 21, 2015
Best Blog
by: studentnext

This Blog is very useful to preparing for IELTS

Jul 23, 2015
2 months for ielts exam..want to improve speaking module..
by: Anonymous

Hello sir,

I have 2 months for my ielts exam could u plzz tell me some tips to improve my speaking module .

Jul 28, 2015
ielts speaking test
by: jagdeep

need your help

Jul 30, 2015
help regarding ielts examination
by: vishal dubey

Hi sir

I have taken date in October and i am worry about exam can you guide me for best score ..

I have more problem in reading,how should I improve that ..

apart from that my speaking skill is good but some problem in to i improve that...

please guide me sir...thanks a lot

Aug 15, 2015
by: drsmahrj


Jun 04, 2018
by: Tulsi

Sir I've been practising for ielts for a week and my exam is just 2-4 days down the line.

To talk about listening I have taken online tests and i've ended up getting a score of 6.5 to 7.

Could you please help me to improve more on this?

And regarding the reading and writing i just have 3 days of time to work on this please support me with some tips so that i can improve too.

My speaking test is sheduled after LRW test i have a day to pratice on my speaking skills.

I'm just a average student and my speaking skills are good but when i talk i stumble a lot.

I've a lot more point to talk and im very good at it but my stumbling makes me to forget everything and tend to loe my confidence.

Please help me out.
thank you.

Jun 07, 2018
by: IELTS buddy

You really haven't given yourself enough time to improve. 2 to 3 days is not enough time to get better, unless you have excellent English and just want to pick up some general strategies.

If you need to improve things like fluency (you mentioned stumbling) then that can take months, not just a few days.

Leave more time before your next test and go through the lessons on this site.

Aug 31, 2018
speaking exam
by: Anonymous

As i have speaking exam on after two days. i am not speaking properly and clearly. give some suggestions to prepare it. i want to get atleast 6.5 band.

Aug 31, 2018
speaking exam
by: IELTS buddy

Sorry to be blunt but if you are poor at speaking you are not going to be able to improve to be 6.5 in two days.

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