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How can I know about all the topics in the IELTS Speaking Parts 2 and 3?

by princy


i am princy

i would like to know what all kind of topics can come in speaking part 2 & 3.

i have been through a number of samples and there are various topics.....i don't understand how to have knowledge about every topic so that i have some thoughts or points to speak about

kindly guide me

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Dec 21, 2015
IELTS Speaking Topics


You will find some examples here:

Part 2 Speaking Topics

Part 3 Speaking Topics

But there are more so do an online search.

You might not be able to have knowledge about every topic - but you have to do your best to read around the different topics and if you are lucky, something you have read about may come up.

If not, you just have to do your best to think on the spot to answer the questions.

In part 2 you should be able to think of some kind of experience in your life that is connected to the topic that you can talk about.

In part 3 they tend to be the kinds of topics that are commonly in the news at the moment or being discussed so you should know at least a bit about them.

Oct 02, 2016
Current topics in China
by: Martin H

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May 20, 2018
Practice speaking tests
by: Anonymous

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