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If the examiner had to repeat the question, will it affect my score?

by Balpreet singh

I had my speaking test today ...but i am very nervous becoz in questioning section examiner ask me 3 questions 2 time each .....she was not getting my point so she ask me same question 2 time ....plz tell does these things effect my band or not plzzz help mee

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Jun 24, 2015
Repeated questions
by: IELTS buddy

Hi Balpreet,

People often post that question - they think something may have gone wrong in the speaking test and they want to know if their score may have been affected.

As I always say, it is really not possible to answer with without having been there and hearing what happened during the test.

But you are judged over the whole speaking test. It is not really the case that one single thing will suddenly reduce your score. Your score depends on a lot of factors.

If your examiner repeated exactly the same question to you after you thought you had answered it, it sounds like you did not actually answer the question you were asked, so the examiner asked it again.

But as I said, nobody can really know what happened so you will have to just wait for the score.

Jul 07, 2015
what is your score
by: Anonymous

same thing happened even in my case. what is your score in speaking

Jul 22, 2015
Yeaa same thing happened to me... Can I knw your score balpreet...
by: Sushma

Yeaa same thing happened to me .. I answered all the questions very well.. But the examiner stressed me in 2 questions.... Can I know ur score balpreet plsss....

Jul 22, 2015
Do rply
by: Anonymous

Plsss do rplyyyy... Want to knw how much band score they have given u......

Jan 31, 2018
will it affect???
by: Anonymous

if the examiner had to repeat the question and I answer again wrong in a different way... will it affect my score??? after examination now I realise it.

Feb 04, 2018
will it affect???
by: IELTS buddy

There's nothing wrong with asking a to hear a question again but it's impossible to feedback to you on your response without hearing your test.

And you are marked over the whole test anyway, not just that question, so you can't judge how one error (if it was an error) would affect you.

Jan 14, 2019
Repeating questions by examiner
by: Manu

I gave my speaking on 16th December. I asked the examiner to repeat a question twice. He did not change the question.
I got 7 in speaking. I hope this helps.

Jan 14, 2019
Repeating questions by examiner
by: IELTS buddy

In IELTS speaking part one the examiner will only repeat the question exactly as it is on the paper.

Jan 10, 2020
Ielts speaking
by: Hassan

I had my test today and I would like to ask the member about part 1 - she asked me a question and then I answered the question but than she asked again but he asked the question with "so ".

In part 2 - I think I was not able to speak for 2 minutes because after speaking she wanted me to speak further and when I did not speak she asked me questions may be 2 questions and then moved to part 3

In part 3 when I was speaking at one point she asked me by what I meant by that .

I am concerned on this , kindly comment on this please

Oct 15, 2020
Tip for Speaking
by: Anonymous

Hi you, I was just reading everyone's comments and I have a tip for you that may help you get through your speaking test. When you don't understand the question, ask for repetition in the first time, if you still don't get it, you can say "Sorry, I don't really understand the question, do you mean ...(say your understanding of what the examiner said)" and let them correct you. This will probably be easier. Even if you still don't understand the question the second time, you can say "Sorry, I still don't quite get the question, but in my opinion, I think (say something related to the question)"

About me: I took my IELTS test on the 26/09/2020 and I got a band 8 in speaking.

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Will these errors I made affect my IELTS speaking score?

by AJ


I messed up two of the questions in part 3.

One I couldn't answer at all and next he had to rephrase but when he rephrased i was able to answer the question.

How bad would you think it will affect my score?

And another thing I saw him writing 13.5 in the paper he had just after part 1. Does that make any sense??

I'm worrying because the examiner was British and he might give me a low score :(

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Oct 22, 2015
IELTS Speaking Test Concerns
by: IELTS buddy

Hi AJ,

Firstly, the fact he was British is not relevant. Any examiner will need to be fluent in English and has to get trained. Their nationality has nothing to do with the score they may give.

It doesn't matter if you asked for a question to be rephrased then answered it. You are being graded on your speaking - when you asked to rephrase it you were speaking, and again when you answered it. So there is no problem there.

Of course if you were having to ask the examiner to rephrase nearly every question this may affect your score because you will then be having a lot less time to answer the questions. But one or two times is unlikely to affect anything.

If you could not answer one question it is really not possible to tell you what kind of impact that has on your score. You are graded on your performance over the whole test. You can't isolate one thing like that and connect it to your score.

As for writing '13.5', it is possible it is something to do with timings but it has no relation to band scores, and if it did the examiner would not have let you see it. So don't worry about that.

Good luck anyway

Oct 26, 2015
Be Natural
by: Rajeev

Well, in my view the best approach to ace speaking is to remain natural and relaxed the way you behave with your friends... So asking to paraphrase is absolutely fine... I did in my test and I scored 8.5 in speaking...

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Misunderstood two questions

by Saroj
(Birtamod, nepal)

In part 3 she asked me about a certain topic that I didn't understand but I tried to answer and in the middle she said that was not my question and she repeated the question.

Again later on she asked me about the advantages of the countryside and cities but I ended up comparing.

Again she stopped me and ask me same question but I didn't get to answer because of time...

Will that affect my score???

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Nov 24, 2016
Part 3 Problems
by: IELTS buddy

Hi Saroj,

The scoring does not work in a way that you can pick two things out like that and say whether it affected your score.

There is nothing in the grading that tells the examiner to drop the band score down if you didn't answer / understand some questions.

You are marked on things like fluency, grammar, pronunciation and many other things.

So it's unlikely something like that is going to affect your score unless it was happening often in the test, which would then affect some of the other things that you are scored on.

So really you just need to wait for your result.

Jan 07, 2019
speaking part 3
by: Anonymous

same thing happened with me . i was going very well with my part 1 and part 2 as the examinar was talking with me very friendly and smile face. but in part 3 she repeated me 2 question more than twice to get the exact answer. as i realised that she wanted that i can give answer for this question and approching to get in right way . i am very much tensed with that as its my 3rd time on ielts. i have got ealier 2 exam 7 in speaking.

Sep 27, 2019
score for speaking exam
by: Nora

today I do speaking exam it's more easy but in one question I tell the miss to repeat the question. I am Also don't did will because I was nervose. I hope to get great mark in this part. now I feel so bad because I didn't did well.

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