Did I mess up the IELTS speaking

by Mesh


I took my ielts speaking test few days back.

My exam was in the morning but it took me ages to have the speaking, it was at 6 in the evening.

Being a native speaker, I never really thought I would have any trouble with this particular part but unfortunately I think I have messed it up!

The lady looked irritated and worn out! She seemed knackered.

Part One

The first part was fine. She asked me when was the first time I brought a flower and a magazine etc. I told her I have never been fond of gardening.

Anyhow, she seemed so uninterested and least concerned that it got me confused.

Her: do you believe in sharing?
Me: no! I don't really share my stuff with anyone. I am quite possessive.
Her: okay. How you promote sharing in children?

Me thinking omg, I have messed it up. I got confused.

Part Two

For part 2, she asked have I ever shared something with someone? When? How was it etc etc?

I said "my graduation day" and shared the memories and stuff about that particular day. But she was like "say something more".

I didn't know what to say :/ I was like "What should I say 😳?". I couldn't think of anything,.

I repeated few stuff .. She again said "can you speak more on this".

Part Three

God!! Part 3 went fine but now I'm super nervous and scared about my results.

She could tell I was born and brought up here.
And Another mistake "I said privacy in the American accent. While the rest of the conversation was all in British English".

Please! You think I'll cross the 7 mark.

I would love a response. And I'm sorry for such a long post, but I'm petrified and it's getting on my nerves :(

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Aug 24, 2016
Speaking Test
by: IELTS buddy

Hi Mesh,

Firstly, it is impossible to predict your score and to say if you may have got over 7 or not.

But the things you mention would not prevent you from getting a 7.

The speaking test is objectively graded on your speaking, so it doesn't matter whether the examiner looked irritated / uninterested or not. That may just be your imagination or maybe she had had a long day and was tired, but either way that has nothing to do with your score.

For part 2 you should aim to speak for 2 minutes. If she kept asking you to say more then you had not spoken for 2 minutes and she was giving you a chance to say more.

Again, if you then did say more it will not necessarily affect your score, but again it's difficult to judge without actually hearing your test how you did in part 2.

And the bit about using an American accent at one point, that really has nothing to do with anything and will not impact on your score in any way.

So try to stop worrying as it does not seem you have many reasons to and wait for your result.

Good luck

Aug 27, 2016
use of words like can't
by: Anonymous

Can we say words like can't, don't or any other like this in speaking task or we should use can not, do not etc etc instead of can't...

Aug 27, 2016
by: Mesh

I have heard that contractions can be used, as they sound more like a native speaker.

Because can not, should not etc sounds so formal and that's not how we talk in daily life :)

Aug 28, 2016
Using contractions in IELTS Speaking
by: IELTS buddy

Yes of course you should use contractions.

You are assessed on the naturalness of your speaking. When we speak naturally we use contractions, we don't say 'can not', 'do not' (unless maybe we are emphasising it for some reason, such as telling someone off).

Sep 02, 2016
I agree
by: Carol

I would also suggest that using contractions is fine.

Sep 03, 2016
by: MESH

Just received my results :)
Despite messing it up, i did manage to get a 7 in speaking.
Unfortunately , 6.5 in writing.
Thumbs up for your evaluation though.

Sep 04, 2016
Speaking Test
by: Anonymous

How about using gonna or wanna? Would it sound natural?

Sep 05, 2016
"gonna" or "wanna"
by: IELTS buddy

Yes you should be saying things like "gonna" or "wanna".

That is how we say those words when speaking and you need to sound natural.

Oct 28, 2016
Mesh score
by: Anonymous

Hey Mesh, I think I made similar errors. So what score did you end up with?

Nov 08, 2016
Speaking topic 5th Nov
by: Anonymous


I attended the test on Nov 4th. In the first part the examiner asked general questions related to flowers, caps and hats mainly social importance.

Cue card:- Talk about a change that happened in your life with a positive result.

1) what was the change?
2) when was it?
3) what are the effects on your life?

How did you benefit from this change?

The third part mainly concentrated on changes in my personal life, professional life etc. What are the changes that you can see from past in the working habits, social changes, position of men and women in society?

Jul 26, 2017
Part 2
by: Anonymous

Hello, I just finish my Ielts speaking test and I am not quite confident for my Part 2 because I repeated the same thing many times and basically I didn't know what to talk about. i might have gone off topic. i had almost 30 seconds pause. for my part 1 and 3 I managed to answer all my question quite fluently. Do you think I am able to get Band 6 despite my mistake for my Speaking test?

Jul 26, 2017
Part 2
by: IELTS buddy

Unfortunately it's really not possible to predict scores without hearing your test.

Oct 12, 2018
My Examiner seemed terribly amused
by: MarkJo

Did my speaking test. The part two was a bit awkward to me. I was a bit slower in my articulation because I had to make things up. The follow ups didn't seem horrible to me.

Now I'm confused because in part two the examiner had to cut me for the follow ups. I guess I might not have made so much sense on part 2.

The examiner who wasn't smiling at all initially was all at part three. And I didn't make any joke.

Does it mean I was ludicrous or something?

What does it mean when the examiner starts to smile profusely all of a sudden? is it a bad sign or good sign?

Oct 14, 2018
My Examiner seemed terribly amused
by: IELTS buddy

I'm not sure what you mean by 'cut me'.

But anyway, it is possible you said something amusing without realising it so maybe the examiner was smiling at that. Impossible though to say why.

But either way, it's not relevant to your score. Just because the examiner found something to smile at, they still have to be impartial and just mark you according to your ability in the test in terms of fluency, grammar etc.

So don't worry about it, your scoring should be fair.

Nov 10, 2020
Ielts speaking
by: Money

I just gave ma speaking test two days before.I dint good in part 1 and part 3 but in part two I just spoke 5 sentences n I don’t know how many seconds I covered.it ll effect ma score.can I ll be able to get 6 bands atleast.

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Predicting IELTS Speaking Score

by Ana

Hello, i did not complete cue card round. I fumbled in middle and examiner stopped me. Also, in part 1 he ask me the season in my country. Though I answer it but afterwards I fumbled. In task 3, he asked me about how we can teach children. I made grammatical mistake. Instead of ourselves, i tell themselves. Can you predict my score. Should I get at least 6?

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Apr 29, 2019
Predicting IELTS Speaking Score
by: IELTS buddy

It's impossible to predict what you might have got without hearing your test.

Apr 30, 2019
Please predict my score
by: Anonymous

But my speech is fluent

May 01, 2019
Please predict my score
by: IELTS buddy

But that is just your judgement and it's difficult to assess yourself. The examiner may have noticed issues.

Also you are marked on many things, not just fluency, and it's impossible to know how you did with them without hearing the test.

May 02, 2019
Please guess min score
by: Anonymous

Please just guess minimum score as per your knowledge and experience

Oct 08, 2019
Inappropriate word selection
by: Umar Usman

I appeared in my IELTS speaking test yesterday. It went very well. I spoke fluently and didn't make many grammatical mistakes.
But I am worried that I used an inappropriate word while discussing perfumes in part 1. I used "different flavours" instead of "different odours" of perfume. Please tell me, to what extent it will effect my score?

Oct 08, 2019
Inappropriate word selection
by: IELTS buddy

The speaking test doesn't get marked like that. You don't lose points for each error you make. You are marked holistically across the whole test.

In terms of errors with your lexis (vocabulary), there are words like 'makes occasional errors' for a band 7 or errors are 'rare' for a band 8.

Also you get marked on other criteria such as fluency. So really it's impossible to predict any kind of score based on what you have mentioned.

May 06, 2021
I messed up big time in speaking
by: Anonymous

Though I believe I am fluent in English.
I went on and fumbled and took pauses while saying something because I wasn't able to think on the topic he asked and also "umm..umm.." a lot. I ended up my topic before 2 mins.
Will I be able to at least score above 6.0 or I am done for and will have to retake my IELTS?

May 08, 2021
I messed up big time in speaking
by: IELTS buddy

The things that you mentioned aren't things that would necessarily limit you to a 6 or lower, so yes you could still get over 6. It's of course though impossible to predict what your score will be.

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Contradicted myself in IELTS Speaking

by Brendon

Today i appeared in my IELTS speaking exam and i spoke fine, i gave answers to every question in a professional way. But i am bit worried about one thing.

When my test started examiner asked me do your work or study? i told her that i am computer scientist and work in software company, but when part 2 (Cue card) started i spoke that i used to work with my grandfather and right now i run his car business in a city.

I want to ask is this okay that i have mentioned different working fields in different parts?

The examiner's behavior was very friendly and fine.

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Jul 03, 2019
IELTS Speaking
by: IELTS buddy

No that won't make any difference.

The examiner may not have noticed but even if they did they can't mark you down because you may have contradicted yourself with regards to something you said earlier in the test.

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Did these mistakes affect my IELTS speaking score?

by Aakash


I had my IELTS Speaking interview today and I wanted to clarify a few things regarding the mistakes I made during the test.

I was quite nervous during the test but tried to maintain my composure.

My Part 1 went well I guess except for the fact that he cut me in the middle of my speaking about the place where I live. I am assuming this was because of time restraints.

I think I spoke alright in part 2 as well and was able to answer the following questions and quoted examples too however I gave short answers for a few and making few mistakes and maybe repeated statements.

However in part 3 I made the biggest mistakes. The question was about archeology and in 2-3 questions I made a few mistakes. One of them I answered shortly and made a few grammatical errors.

However when the question was asked about objects that will educate the future generations or something, out of nervousness I said rockets and flacon 9 and that it will help to learn about the culture or something. I didn't even correct myself and stopped speaking after that sentence.

How badly will these affect my band score?

A reply would help me work on my weak points for the future.

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Aug 23, 2019
IELTS speaking score
by: IELTS buddy

I think you are misunderstanding how the speaking test is graded.

It's not possible to point to a few errors you may (or may not) have made and predict how you did. You are marked on many things throughout the test so it's impossible to judge how you may have done by just considering the things you mentioned.

But regarding part 1 - yes this would have been time constraints.

Part 2 - I don't really understand what you mean by saying you answered the questions and gave some short answers because it is a 2 minute talk. Unless you are referring to the prompts. Anyway, as I say it's impossible to know how you did without hearing it.

Part 3 - Again, it's not possible to say how these affected your score. How can you know you only made those few grammar errors and did not make other mistakes in the test? And I don't know what 'rockets and flacon 9' are.

So really you just have to wait for your result.

Aug 24, 2019
Follow up
by: Anonymous

Yes I meant prompts in part 2. After my speaking for 2 minutes he asked me a a couple questions regarding it before moving to part 3.

In part 3 by rockets or falcon 9 I meant how rockets like falcon 9 would help educate the future. I should have said something like maybe fossils yet to be discovered or something but I said about rockets which is the future. I think I made it quite clear that I didn't get the question.

Aug 31, 2019
Ielts speaking - Predict my Score
by: Anonymous

Hello. I would like to share my ielts speaking experience. In task 1 she asked me:

She: would you like to give perfume as a gift to someone?

To which yes, i really did. And I explained the perfume brand and told it was very expensive and the friend of mine loved it. My answer was In detailed.

But she asked me: do you think we should give expensive perfumes to others as a gift?

Me: no. Perfumes are very harmful for our ozone layer and others sprays as well. So we should not spend extra money on it.

My answer was really messed up because at first i said the perfume was quite expensive and than i said we should not spend money. It doesn't make any sense.

Plus my answers were quite short and i was repeating the same words and sentences and my answers were not according to the questions i think.

Please predict my score.


It's impossible to predict IELTS scores without hearing your test, which of course I can't do.

IELTS buddy

Sep 03, 2019
Speaking Test Mistakes
by: Anonymous

I gave my speaking test today.

Part 1- I did pretty well in the first part and answered all questions with confidence.

Part 2- There were 3 sub points of the cue card. While answering I wandered and missed the last point, because the examiner stopped me and immediately started asking other questions. I was petrified and became very nervous.

Part 3- In this section, I did not answer what the examiner wanted to hear but I did not stop speaking and spoke about my views:

Examiner: Does modernisation has any effect on relationships?

Me: I don't think so that modernisation has any effect on our relationships. Modernisation means enhancement and it rarely affects the relations we have with our parents and friends.

I answered this because I misunderstood the topic.

Do these mistakes reduce my score to 6.5. I need 7 and have got 7.5 in my previous speaking exam, 1 year back.

Sep 05, 2019
Speaking Test Mistakes
by: IELTS buddy

It doesn't sound like you really did anything with regards to those points which would affect your score.

The examiner just stopped you in part 2 because your time was up. It does not necessarily matter that you did not finish everything on the cue card.

In part 3 if you are just referring to one question that again won't necessarily matter.

But that said it's impossible to give any score predictions. You have just picked out a few points. You are marked on many things over the speaking test so it's impossible to know how you may have done.

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Wanted a band 7.5

by Blank Face

Hi Ielts buddy,

I usually get a band 7 but this time I wanted a 7.5 in the speaking test. So I was quite nervous in the speaking exam, I even told the examiner this. He had to ask why sometimes after some questions in part 1, where I did give answers in the end.

I also had to pause sometimes and in part 3 I just couldn't think of an answer to the last two questions. I just didn't know the answer to those last questions since I never really thought about the topic before. I tried answering them but it took a long time for the words to come out, so the examiner had to stop me in the middle.

Overall, I think my English was good but I think the nerves got the better of me.

Now I'm afraid I'll get a very low score.

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Sep 26, 2019
Wanted a band 7.5
by: IELTS buddy

I don't understand what this means:

"He had to ask why sometimes after some questions in part 1, where I did give answers in the end."

But as for what you say in part 3, it's really impossible to tell you anything about how you did without hearing your test.

Sep 26, 2019
Re- thanks
by: Blank face

Hi Ielts buddy,
Thanks for your reply! You are right, I will try to update you with my score :)

Oct 11, 2019
Update speaking
by: Blank face

Update- I received an 8 in speaking :D

Oct 19, 2019
Update speaking
by: IELTS buddy

Well done

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Saying the wrong word in IELTS speaking

by Sophia Hale

Okay so I was taking the IELTS speaking exam earlier today and I was asked a question about the safety of social networking sites and I started a sentence saying “there can be...” and I panicked cause I forgot what I was saying and said pedophiles.

Now I’m worried that it’s going to affect my score because I’m not sure if I was allowed to say that or not. Everything else went really smoothly, my pronunciation was perfect and I answered all the questions really well, so will that word affect my score or not?

I really need to know if I’m going to get a 6 or 7 just because I said something stupid.

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Oct 30, 2019
Saying the wrong word in IELTS speaking
by: IELTS buddy

You are misunderstanding how the test is graded. You are not suddenly knocked down a band if you use one wrong word.

You are marked on 4 main criteria (fluency, grammar, to name two), and within those four there are many other factors the examiner has to look at when assessing you.

Making an error with one word might be used to distinguish a band 8 candidate from a band 9 candidate, as at those levels so few errors will be appearing so it might be relevant.

But that is not the case more generally (unless you are a band 8 or 9) I'm guessing you made other errors as well. The examiner will look at them overall, not just one.

So anyway, no, that one thing on its own won't affect your score.

Jan 22, 2021
I couldnt hear my examiner properly and made stupid mistakes
by: ella


I took my IELTS speaking test earlier today and I made a mistake in the name of the area I lived in. Instead of saying 'municipal' I said 'metropolitan' in my part one.

Do you think my scores would be reduced in my part three - I couldn't really hear what the examiner was saying hereby causing me to ask him to repeat himself and speaking off point

Examiner: Are written agreement better than spoken promises?
Me: I think written arguments are.
Examiner: No! not arguments agreements.

Then I started feeling nervous but managed to still speak fluently and cohesively.

Do you think I would get a band 7 and above? because I'm going to cry if I don't.

Jan 23, 2021
I couldnt hear my examiner properly and made stupid mistakes
by: IELTS buddy

Firstly it's impossible to say whether you will get a 7 or not. The marking is based on many criteria, and without hearing your test it's impossible to know how you did in those.

But regarding the mistakes you think you made - those things would not be things that would suddenly bring your score down.

Please look at my comment to the last person - making one error does not suddenly reduce your score. You are marked holistically throughout the test for many different things.

So yes you could still get a 7 and the things you mentioned would not prevent that, but of course I don't know if you will get a 7 - it depends how you did in lots of other areas.

Jan 24, 2021
My score
by: Sophia Hale

I just saw that I had a reply over a year after I posted that comment.

I actually got 8.5 from the speaking section and overall 8.5 too. I'm pretty sure the only mistakes I made was including a personal reference in a question that didn't ask for it, but I'm not really sure if that counts as a mistake or not.

But either ways, it's been over a year since I took the exam and I don't really care about it anymore, but I figured if anyone wanted to know the score I got, I should reply.

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Difficulty with Questions in the IELTS Speaking Test

by Ashi Kichu


I did my IELTS exam yesterday. But, I didn't answer well 2 or 3 questions. Examiner always asked for the reason and also I didn't use any range of vocabulary.

In the cue card section, last sub question I didn't answer and that question was my first question of third section.

In the discussion part, I didn't understand the question and the examiner repeated it. Finally, at the last question I can't answer.

How will affect my band? Please Help me?

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Nov 16, 2019
Difficulty with Questions in the IELTS Speaking Test
by: IELTS buddy

Unfortunately it's impossible to tell you how you did or how your score might have been affected by what you did without hearing your test.

I can tell you though it won't necessarily affect your score just because you did not address the last bullet point in Part 2 (some candidates do speak the full 2 minutes and run out of time) and it is also not an issue if you had to have one question repeated because you didn't understand it the first time.

But as for saying you did not answers some questions well or did not answer the last one in part 3, I really can't comment on that without hearing your test.

Oct 23, 2020
Speaking errors
by: Anonymous


I had my speaking test today and don't feel confident that i will score good. The interviewer asked me a question and i asked him to repeat it...but i still didn't hear it...so i asked him to rephrase it....so i guess he changed the question maybe and i used good vocab words later in part 3 and one or two idioms too..

Moreover in 3rd part....i just used a wrong word..like i was supposed to say the houses where old people are kept..but i used orphanage word mistakenly but then i did not correct myself and said orphange' or' the houses where adults r kept....

So to what extent will it affect my score?

Oct 25, 2020
Speaking errors
by: IELTS buddy

It's not possible to tell someone how they did without hearing the test.

You are marked on your performance over the whole test, so picking out a few errors does not mean much.

Asking the examiner to repeat a question a few times in the test will not affect your score, providing of course you understand it and can answer it the second time.

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How did I do in my IELTS speaking test?

by Kelora
(Yangon, Myanmar )

Today, I had a sit for IELTS speaking test. But I didn’t satisfy because I couldn’t do well in part 3 questions even though I answered all questions .

And I did some mistakes and 2 incomplete sentences ( ...to prevent dis.) I forgot the word discrimination. That’s why I skip that sentence and tell her different reasons.

The examiner asked me my opinion about wearing uniform by student and also why do staffs from company or cabin crew wear uniform? For those 2 questions, my answer is similar.

Can I get band 5 in speaking?I Worry so much now although I haven’t taken my listening, reading and writing task?

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Nov 21, 2019
How did I do in my IELTS speaking test?
by: IELTS buddy

It's impossible to tell you did in your speaking without hearing your test.

But based on what you said, yes it is possible to still get a 5. 5 is not a very high score so the things you mentioned are not going to prevent that.

Of course I don't know how you did generally so I can't say if you did get a 5 or not.

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Mispoken Word

by Mary Tjiu

I just did the IELTS Speaking test today. I messed up in the Part 1 where I was hesitant to speak between Disruption and Disturbance, and repeated that for 3 times with the third attempt I said Disturbtion which is no exist.

But for the rest of the speaking test I think it wasn’t that bad. I’m afraid will that mistake reduce my score? Am I still able to get the band score for at least 7 with that mistake? :(((((((((

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Oct 25, 2020
Mispoken Word
by: IELTS buddy

The scoring doesn't work like that. You are marked holistically / cumulatively over the whole test rather than on one single error.

So no that one single error is not going to affect your score but unless you are fluent I assume you may have made others. So they will all be taken into account in terms of your performance over the whole test.

Nov 06, 2020
Speaking band score 7
by: Mary Tjiu

I already got my ielts score and unexpectedly I still got 7 for my speaking with that misspoken, yeay.

Nov 13, 2020
Will my speaking score go down from 7?
by: Mary Tjiu

Hi I just did my IELTS exam again today, my main purpose is to lift-up my scores in other 3 parts but I do want to lift-up my Speaking part as well, at least to not below my previous Speaking score which I got 7.

But I felt like I didn’t do well in part 2 and part 3 compared with my previous Speaking exam. The examiner was a different person, I personally think that my previous examiner is more fun to talk to, compared with my today’s examiner, he looked so bored or tired, so the conversation didn’t go as fun as my previous one.

In part 1 I think I did quite good, but I once corrected myself by saying "I’m sorry I meant I was not I am" :(.

In part 2 I did mess because I repeated some sentences and I felt like my vocabulary range wasn’t board enough for that topic.

In part 3, there was one question when I said "I’m gonna sit on the fence for this one, hmm let me think about it for awhile", but I didn’t want to make him wait too long so after ‘awhile’ word I continued my answer, but... looks like my answer wasn’t what he expected to be heard :((.

For the last question in part 3, my answer was as the same as my answer for another previous question, not exactly the one before but my answer was pretty similar.
After that I attempted to add the length to made it different but he stopped me because the time is up when I hadn’t finished my sentence and ended with "more...", maybe I spoke too long :(((.

I’m so afraid, please tell me in your perspective, will my score go down from 7?

Thank you.

Jul 29, 2021
by: Param

.yesterday I gave my speaking test..... But I got bilwildered in between the test..... Infact I answered all the question..... Bt I Did mistakes due to nervousness..... Did it affect my band score

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