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Feb 16, 2017

IELTS Speaking Questions, Part 2, Feb 15, 2017

Speaking Question, Part 2, Feb 15, 2017 I gain a lot from this forum during my IELTS preparation, so it is only right that I give something back. I just

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Jan 28, 2017

How strict is IELTS listening part evaluated?

Hi, In practice listening tests I can catch almost every answer. But when it comes to writing down there are minor but many little mistakes like '22

Continue reading "How strict is IELTS listening part evaluated?"

Jan 28, 2017

How can I develop my vocabulary for IELTS?

How can I develop my vocabulary for IELTS? How can I start my IELTS preparation?

Continue reading "How can I develop my vocabulary for IELTS?"

Jan 25, 2017

How can I get Band 8 in IELTS Speaking?

Hi, I wonder how to manage speaking in part 2 and 3 to get band 8. I have seen many episodes but I couldn't find any clear method.

Continue reading "How can I get Band 8 in IELTS Speaking?"

Jan 22, 2017

IELTS Task 1 Data Misinterpretation

Dear Ielts Buddy, What if I misinterpret the data in writing task 1? If I misinterpret the most important data groups which leads to a misguided general

Continue reading "IELTS Task 1 Data Misinterpretation"

Jan 21, 2017

IELTS Letter - Job Advice

You recently received a letter from a friend asking for advice about whether to go to college or to try to get a job. You think he/she should get a job.

Continue reading "IELTS Letter - Job Advice"

Jan 20, 2017

IELTS Topic Related Vocabulary

IELTS Topic Related Vocabulary - Essential vocabulary and practices exercises to help you ace the IELTS Test

Continue reading "IELTS Topic Related Vocabulary"

Jan 12, 2017

Family Communication Essay

Nowadays we communicate less with our family members. To what extent do you agree or disagree? It is often argued that millennial generation is largely

Continue reading "Family Communication Essay"

Jan 11, 2017

Contractions and Pronunciation in the IELTS Speaking Test

Hello IELTS Buddy, Academic IELTS questions: 1) Contractions: My question is about contractions in speaking sections of academic IELTS. Is it good idea

Continue reading "Contractions and Pronunciation in the IELTS Speaking Test"

Jan 07, 2017

Donating Money to Charity Essay

Donating Money to Charity Essay: IELTS model answer to an essay on the topic of giving locally or to national and international charities.

Continue reading "Donating Money to Charity Essay"

Jan 05, 2017

Problems with Pronunciation

I have trouble speaking words with 'S' and 'SH' sound, for eg. I pronounce SHERIDON as SERIDON. This is something I have since birth and after trying

Continue reading "Problems with Pronunciation"

Nov 26, 2016

How easy is it for a native speaker to get an IELTS band 8?

Hey, everyone! I'm applying for the Subclass 189 visa soon and since I'm pretty short on work experience (fresh-ish graduate), I'm going to need a score

Continue reading "How easy is it for a native speaker to get an IELTS band 8?"


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