How can I Improve my IELTS Score to Band 8?

by Kaur

Hello IELTS buddy,

I have got 7.0 bands overall, which includes 7.5 in speaking, 8 in listening, writing I got 7 and in reading I got 5.5.

I want to get 8/8.5 bands overall. At least 6 in reading, 7.5 writing, 8/8.5 bands in speaking and 8.5 listening.

How can I get the score I want. I have only 1 month to prepare. Please suggest me the ways to get the score. In India, i haven't seen anybody getting 8.5 or 9 in speaking. Also, i find Reading very tough (my weakest subject), am poor in locating answers, especially match the heading, sentence completion and multiple choice question.

i have recently started referring to your website. i have started applying the strategies, but i fail. Also, what should i focus 1st on, accuracy or time management? i have challenge in both aspects.

i will be appearing for general module soon, please help. i can contribute 2 hour daily for studying on weekdays and 8 hours on weekends. help me develop a plan or timetable.

Thanks in Advance,

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May 12, 2017
Improving to IELTS Score 8
by: IELTS buddy


Firstly, getting band 8 or 9 certainly isn't easy. Those kinds of scores mean that you are completely fluent in English (9) or very nearly fluent (8).

But whatever score you want, unfortunately it's really not possible to tell someone in one forum post how to increase all all their IELTS scores.

As you will have seen from looking through this site there are many different tips and strategies. And if you attend courses at IELTS centres they can be up to 10 weeks or more. So there would really be too much to go through.

The other issue is that to get advice tailored towards your specific needs you'd really need to have some kind of assessment to find out where your weaknesses are. You'd also need to see a tutor if you want a specific plan to suit your needs as they will need to assess you.

For example you ask about focusing on accuracy or time management, but that really depends on what module you are referring to and again your personal abilities.

What you are wanting to achieve in terms of individual band scores is quite possible because for most you only say you want to improve by around half a band. But you may still find that takes more than a month as even half a band can be quite an improvement, especially if it is in every module.

But you have said overall you want 8.5 / 9. That is a big jump from some of your current scores as to get say 8.5 overall you are going to need at least 9, 9, 8, 8, in the various modules. Going from writing band 7 to band 8 is a very big step and will take time.

If you have tried websites, are really stuck at your current level, and want to improve very quickly then you really would need to think about some kind of personal or group tuition, because apart from that I will only be able to advise you to keep looking through my site and others.

One advice is of course that you focus on your reading as that is quite a low score and will bring all the others down. So that should be a priority. That will simply be more and more practice and reading whenever you can. Also improve your vocabulary (there are vocab pages on this site).

Sorry I can't be of more help and good luck.

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