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Are you needing a band 8 or 9 in the IELTS exam?

It's a tough goal to achieve as a band 8 means you are nearly fluent in English and 9 means you basically are fluent!

In this forum you can check out tips from candidates who have scored 8 or 9 in the test, you can also view questions candidates have asked, or you can ask your own questions. 

Please avoid unspecific questions such as 'How can I get a band 8?'. It's really not possible to answer something like that in a forum post so the question probably won't get posted here. 

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Specific Language for IELTS Band 8 and 9 
Hi! How are you! This site is great, easily the best and most resourceful information relating to IELTS. Could you please list the links for the …

Academic vs general for Band 8 
Hi, I need to score an 8 in writing to be eligible to immigrate to Australia. I've already scored 7 in the academic writing test (for the skills …

How to prepare for IELTS when you have good English Skills 
I have never written IELTS, I have just registered for a general test. I need to know how I should prepare for the test. My use of English is proficient …

How can I Improve my IELTS Score to Band 8? 
Hello IELTS buddy, I have got 7.0 bands overall, which includes 7.5 in speaking, 8 in listening, writing I got 7 and in reading I got 5.5. I want …

How to organise my Task 2 Essay for a Band 8 or 9? 
Hello, I have two questions. 1) Introduction. Importance of a background sentence in an introduction? Should we directly jump into paraphrasing …

Strategies to Achieve an IELTS Overall Band 8 
Secured overall band 8 on IELTS. I am from Udaipur, India. Honestly, with just a month's preparation using IELTS official guide only, I was able to …

Tips for band 8.5 
IELTS band 8.5 (Academic) :) I wrote the test on March 12 and below are the scores: Overall Band 8.5 Listening 8.5 Reading 9.0 Writing …

Band 8: Tips for Getting a High IELTS Band Score 
IELTS BAND 8! ♥ Hi my name is Aylín, I live in Ecuador and today I got the results for my IELTS exam: Listening: 8.0 Reading: 8.0 Writing: 7.0 …

How to get higher than IELTS Band 7? 
I am consistently getting 7.0 in writing in General IELTS but i want at least 8.0 to launch my visa application for Australia, can anyone advise as to …

Do you have tips to get an IELTS band 8? 
Hi, I am taking the IELTS exam on 27th Oct and I need to get 8 in each module of the exam. My score from the previous attempt was Listening - 7.5 …

How I got a band 8  
Hi aspirants, I'm madhu. I got an overall band 8 . Listening - 8.5 Academic Reading - 8.5 Writing - 7 Speaking - 7.5 I was initially nervous …

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