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Specific Language for IELTS Band 8 and 9

by Anthony m
(Christchurch NZ)

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This site is great, easily the best and most resourceful information relating to IELTS.

Could you please list the links for the following please;

Band 8/9 linkers,
Band 8/9 less common collocations,
Band 8/9 idiomatic expressions,
Examples of band 8/9 writing essays for writing task 1 and 2

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Jan 13, 2019
Language for Band 8 and 9 IELTS
by: IELTS buddy

Student's often ask for specific words or phrases for band 8 and 9 essays but although obviously certain words may be viewed upon as higher level there are so many 1000s of words in the English language it's really Impossible to start listing certain phrases to use.

And also you can get such a wide variety of essays it may end up the words are not appropriate anyway for your topic.

And for linkers, a band 8 or 9 may not use your classic linkers (e.g. although, but etc) as they can show things are linked in a more sophisticated way without using a certain phrase.

Of course you should seek to improve your vocabulary overall but you can do that through the academic word list.

I have other links on the IELTS vocabulary pages.

Also, the model essays on this site will all be examples of essays that would get a high score.

But overall I wouldn't look for band 8 and 9 language. Just know where you are now and work on moving up to the next level.

Jul 15, 2019
About book
by: Qudrat


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