How difficult to improve IELTS writing score from band 6 to 7?

by Ravi

How difficult to improve writing score from band 6 to 7?

Last time when I was preparing for IELTS, I went through this website information like tips, model essays.

I spent may be one or two days and got 6.0 in writing.

Thank you so much for posting lot of valuable information on this website.

Now I am looking to improve from band score 6 to 7. Is it difficult (Somewhere on internet I read that it would be very difficult to improve band score by 1 point (6 to 7)) ?

Please advise.

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Jun 22, 2015
Going from band 6 to 7
by: IELTS buddy

Hi Ravi,

Firstly, glad to hear that you followed the tips and strategies on the site and then got a 6 so quickly.

Regarding getting to a band 7 from a 6, this is difficult and can take some time. Moving up a whole band will always be like this as it means quite a significant improvement in your English language skills and this is not normally something you can do in a few weeks or months.

I have written a bit more about getting a band 7 in this lesson:

IELTS Writing Band 7

The difficulty often comes with trying to get a 7 for grammatical range and accuracy. To get a 7 for this criteria you need "frequent error-free sentences". To write a lot of sentences that are completely error free can be difficult to achieve.

It will take a lot of practice. It will help you to go through grammar lessons but the best way is obviously if you can get a tutor to give you regular feedback on your grammar and advise you.

Thanks and good luck

Jun 22, 2015
by: Ravi

Thanks IELTSBuddy..

I will go through the link you provided.

Jul 10, 2015
Got 6.5 in second attempt
by: Ravi


I just got my IELTS results. Now my writing score is 6.5.

Thanks IELTSBuddy :)

Eventhough I was aiming for 7 I could get only 6.5. This is due to lack of preparation.

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