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Different Meaning of Coherence and Cohesion 
Is it possible that an essay is coherent but not cohesive? and vice versa. How?

Discuss Two Opinions Type IELTS Essay Questions 
Am going to write my IELTS in two weeks time, I have read and practiced with materials but I still don't feel confident when it comes to some types of …

Worries over not knowing enough about the IELTS essay topics 
I am due to take my IELTS test in a few weeks and I am really worried about Writing Task 2. I'm worried I won't know enough about the subject they are …

Agree Disagree Type IELTS Essay Questions 
When answering a question which requires your opinion like "To what extent do you agree?" is it correct to look both sides? Like to a greater extent …

IELTS Essay Time Management 
Hi everybody, I am struggling with managing the time of task 2. Thirty minutes to complete the essay and 10 minutes to revise it is still a luxury. …

What if an IELTS Essay does not fit a 'Type'? 
Hi, I have one question from writing task 2. Can you tell what type of question this is: Nowadays the way many people interact with each other …

Can you wear a Watch in the IELTS test? 
Please I want to find out why they don't allow wrist watches during the exams. It was so hard I couldn't keep track of time during my writing tasks. …

Predicting my IELTS Writing Score 
Hello, I took part in the IELTS last saturday. The question of task 2 in writing was: With the rapid development of communication technology such …

The Problem with Categorising Essays 
Hi, I just want to ask if the question below is a Discussion or an Opinion essay , the question stated was: In some countries, cars are used …

Correct format for the essay on exam day 
Do we need to use Paragraphs? Hi, I just got my results and am really frustrated with my writing score. I got a 6.5 and need a 7. My other scores …

Why did I get a low IELTS Writing Band Score? 
Why did I get an IELTS band 6 for my writing? I received my IELTS results today, I got a 7.5 overall band score as follows: Reading 7.5 Listening …

Using personal pronouns in an IELTS essay 
Can we use 'we', 'us' and 'our' in IELTS essays? is it okay to use we, us and our in writing task 2?

Understanding different types of IELTS essay questions  
How do I answer this question? I need some reasons for answer, I mean some main ideas. Today the high sales of popular consumer goods reflect the power …

Grammar and vocabulary issues in an IELTS essay 
Can I get a band 8 if I made a repeated grammar error? Hello! I have a question. So, I was aiming for a band 8 for the written part but, because …

How difficult to improve IELTS writing score from band 6 to 7? 
How difficult to improve writing score from band 6 to 7? Last time when I was preparing for IELTS, I went through this website information like tips, …

Improving coherency  
You know it seemed very easy to write essay at the first time when I’ve started writing task 2 however when I submitted my assignments to my tutor he told …

Developing good IELTS essay body paragraphs  
Giving Examples Hi There, I have spotted that every task 2 question contains the following sentence: "Give reasons for your answer and include any …

Read about how I got an IELTS writing band 7 in one month 
How did I get IELTS writing band 7.0 in one month? I was asked to take IELTS by Immigration of Canada. I tried it once and got writing only 6.0, …

Problems with the IELTS essay topics 
Will my grade get lowered in IELTS writing for going off topic? Hello. I took the IELTS Academic today and I have some questions regarding the …

IELTS writing word limits 
What if I exceed the maximum word limit? What will happen if, in writing, I exceed the words more than the maximum limit?

Structure of an IELTS Essay 
It is true that in ielts essay we need to follow this structure: - Introduction - thesis - first paragraph one argument as a task response + example …

Writing IELTS Essay Introductions and Conclusions 
Could you please comment on the IELTS Essay introduction. Thanks. Question: Some of the methods used in advertising are unethical and unacceptable …

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