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Predicting my IELTS Writing Score

by Lan


I took part in the IELTS last saturday. The question of task 2 in writing was:

With the rapid development of communication technology such as smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices, some people believe that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

I discussed both advantages and disadvantages.

However, I wrote that these devices can cost people a lot since they are tempted to overuse the services offered in such devices. Also, I mentioned that a advantage is people can save time by using these devices.

So, how much score could I get?

Thank you so much.

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Aug 31, 2016
IELTS Score Prediction
by: IELTS buddy

Hi Lan,

It is completely impossible to tell you what score you could get based on the information you have given.

You are marked on a wide variety of things under four different criteria, including such things as grammar and coherence, not just how you answered the question.

What I can say is that the ideas you mentioned would be on topic as they are connected to the advantages and disadvantages but that is all that can be said.

As I said, it's marked on far more than just your ideas though, such as how well you explained them and supported them.

So you will just have to wait for your result.

Sep 01, 2016
Thank you!
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for your comment. I was very nervous, but thanks to your comment, I am now better. I wish I knew your website earlier :)

Sep 01, 2016
One more question about my essay
by: Lan

I argued that people can save time on using sevices offered by banks. I gave one example for such services was sending money via operations on the Internet rather than going to banks. I am afraid that it does not relate to communication. Could you give me some comment about this ?
Thank you :)

Sep 01, 2016
doubt related writing task
by: Kate

Hello.. I want to know that can we add aphorism such as "every Cloud has Silver lining" in my writing task 2..????

Sep 01, 2016
Saying/Idiom/Axiom etc
by: Anonymous

Yes, you can use any Idiom or saying or axiom as long as it is relevant to writing topic at hand and grammatically correct.

Sep 01, 2016
How to answer this type of task 2?
by: Anonymous

Hi ieltsbuddy

Regarding the question above, the task is that if you agree or disagree?

If you totally agree that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages, you need to set out your reasons to support your position and mention the disadvantages of the modern communicating technology.

However if your position is that you totally disagree then mention the advantages only.

If you partially agree the you need to mention both.

Is that correct? What do you think?

Sep 01, 2016
How to answer this type of task 2
by: Lan

I think there are several ways to write in this type of task 2:

- You can mention only advantages/disadvantages when you totally disagree/agree. However, I often find it difficult to do this.

- You mention both pros and cons, but you have to state whether you disagree or agree or partly agree since the question asks your opinion.

Sep 04, 2016
One more question about my essay / How to answer
by: IELTS buddy

Hi Lan,

Some things can really depend on how your worded what you said, so it's difficult to say for sure, but dealing with your bank is a form of 'communication', whether it is in person or online. So what you said may well be ok.

Regarding some of the other questions:


No you should not use idioms such as "Every Cloud has Silver lining". These are informal so do not fit an academic essay.

It will ruin the style of your writing.

Totally / Partially Agreeing or Disagreeing

Yes you can do it as you say i.e. completely disagree then only argue one side, or partially disagree and look at both sides.

But you don't have to approach it that way. Remember you can consider both sides whatever your opinion is.

For example you may decide to totally agree but you can still give the OTHER SIDES opinion to show there are other views that do not match your own.

You just have to make sure you have the writing skills to be able to make it clear what your view is and that your are giving other opinions that are not your own.

If you word it confusingly it may look like both opinions are yours and then it will not match your view in the intro / conclusion. That will lose you marks.

So how you approach it really depends on your skills. If you are lower skilled then do what is simplest, which is probably totally agreeing or disagreeing and giving your reasons why.

Sep 04, 2016
How to get 9 for writing and speaking
by: Anonymous

Dear IELTS Buddy,

I thoroughly believe that all of us should get to know how we get band 9 for above 2 and try it. It will end up with obtaining higher marks other than working towards getting 6.5 or 7 - which is our actual required band score.

Is it possible to obtain 9 from speaking and writing if we try hard? If so direct us to do so.

Sep 05, 2016
Thank you
by: Lan

Hi, IELTS buddy
Thank you so much for your comment! :)

Sep 05, 2016
How to get 9 for writing and speaking
by: IELTS buddy

It's really not possible to give general advice on how to get a 9 that would be useful for someone who is a much lower score.

Most people will never achieve that anyway so it is a waste of time. It's only worth it if someone is say a band 7.5 or 8 and they need some specific coaching to get a 9.

Also there are so many tips it's not possible just to explain them all here. All the tips and strategies to get a higher score are here on the website so it's best to take a look through that to see what you need to do.

Mar 10, 2017
Do you need help with your IELTS writing?
by: Lee

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I am a former IELTS examiner and offer exam preparation classes. I have an excellent track record in helping students to achieve their desired band score. Feel free to contact for further information me on

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Jul 11, 2017
Kindly give a score for my essay.
by: Anonymous

Hi Lan.

Topic: Some believe that going to university is important but some people think its not necessarry. Give your opinion with example.

My essay:

Although a vast majority of people believe that going to an university is necessery, there is a minority who think it is not important. Both have advantages and disadvantages of its own.

First of all, it is obvious that going to university defenitely seems advantageous since it helps you get a job earlier in life...

Secondly, it helps you socialize with people from different backgrounds. It is indeed a gift to be able to be with people of different races and cultures.

Last but not the least, holding a university degree give you self confidence and pride.

However, inspite of this, there are people who think going to university is not important. Given the freedom, they feel they can achieve greater heights even without a university degree. All they need is a place to think.

There are people who cannot get into university because of their poor economic and social backgrounds. Yet they have reached heights unattainable by their university counterparts.
Einstein is a perfect example for this. Being an university drop he explored the part of the universe unimaginable by the rest of the world. He set forth theories that seemed bizzare to the rest of the world at that time, and proved them too.

Its your choice. Who you are depends on what you choose to be. If you believe in yourself, anything is possible. Without a valid university degree, establishing a career is difficult. Life will be much harder initially. However, believing in yourself will definitely take you to greater heights.

In conclusion, i support the fact that going to university is not a necessity but a choice. No one should be forced into getting a university degree, at any stage of their life. Each one should realize their own potential and learn to grow individually.

Jan 21, 2018
Young generation
by: Anonymous

Nowadays, the rapid changing of technology become the most influenced thing in the world. Most of people’s lifestyle have transformed because of technology. The young group are much more motivated by this changing, thus making them the power to dominate and show their influence to the others. This essay will discuss some causes why this is happening and how this condition impacts their relationship with old generation.

Firstly, the types of job requirements related to technology are fit for the youngsters. There are so many criteria that very far from old peoples’ characteristics. Those position are requesting a number of requirements including curiousness, fast learner, enthusiastic, and flexibility on the changing of technology itself that can happened every time. Therefore, the world is getting hard for any previous young aged which is easier for the rest.

Secondly, regarding to physical requirement of some job positions in the high level of competition between companies, there is very important for companies to have strong ability in human resources aspect. Young aged employees are frequently much more reliable than senior employees especially in some abilities such as willingness to improve their skills, open minded to various ideas, braveness to take some risks, and good in motivation.

However, these phenomenon also caused downside effect in relationship among both generations whether in workplace or daily activities. The most extreme problem is happened due to old people is getting less contributions to many aspects of life and their become frustrated, moreover for them who do not have adaptation ability.

To conclude, some fields of business such as technology and information are dominated by young people even though they are seen as less experienced. However they determination to most importance requirements in companies are more vital in this era.

Jul 27, 2018
You guys think it is a good essay ?
by: Khan

Essay Topic: Some people say that the only reason for learning a foreign language is in order to travel to or work in a foreign country. Others say that these are not the only reasons why someone should learn a foreign language.
Discuss both these views and give your opinion

While acquisition of a foreign language to travel or work is increasingly popular, it continues to be a
rather controversial topic. There are arguments on both sides of this very topical debate, which I will
discuss them now.
On the one hand, some people feel that the main reasons for learning a new language are job
opportunities and travelling. People, in need of money, are trying to pursue their career in other
countries with employers paying high wages, hoping that their work\life balance will be improved by
this. Furthermore, in a foreign country, people might be able to embark upon their own business, which
would ensure one’s career progression in the long run. Lastly, in this changing world, companies are
looking for well-rounded employees who can speak other languages other than their mother tongue.
On the other hand, a new language should not be acquired only to travel or work, but also give your
brain a boost. Speaking a second language each day can keep the doctor away, improving your memory
and age-related cognitive decline. In addition, a foreign language provides us with appreciation of
international music, art and film. The satisfaction of being able to explore the fine arts and films in their
original languages enables us to truly value the world around us.
In conclusion, I tend to believe that learning a new language should not be only for satisfying one’s
physical needs such as money, but also for moral needs, thus taking the entire benefit of a second

Jan 26, 2019
IELTS Letter
by: Anonymous

Dear Sir/Madam

Myself Ankit Dave, residing at Mahavir nagar, Kandivali West, writing this letter in with regards to register the complaint to your authority about the road construction work going on in my area.

I would like to the draw the attention to of your authority that since last 3 weeks there is a massive road construction work going on at Jijabai chowk near intersection at mahavir nagar, there are heavy machines and equipments such as bulldozers, concrete mixtures and road crushers being utilized throughout the day which was still not an issue, but my concern arises that they are working even at midnight, making me disturb and unable to sleep at night resulting into lack of focus at work and feeling dizzy at my work place.

I would like to appeal to your authority to please look into this and try to stop the construction work at night after 8 pm to 7 am, this will help not only me, but all other residents staying nearby to the construction site.

I hope my letter will make you look into this matter on the serious note and I wish your authority will take prompt action and help us to have peaceful nights.

Yours sincerely,
Ankit Dave

May 26, 2023
can you give an approximate band for my task 2 essay.
by: Anonymous

Developed nations support poorer countries with financial aid, but this does not solve poverty. They could also help them in many other ways. I do agree to this statement because of the following reasons.

Firstly, giving money to countries which are in need might solve the problem temporarily, but it may get worse later. For example, in case of natural calamities people get affected totally i.e, physically, mentally and financially. They might loose their home, property, money, health or even their own lives. Providing money in those situations might not be an good solution. Because, they might be still helpless not knowing what to do with that money. Instead, they could provide free cloths or shelter. This might be a better solution.

Another way could be, establishing their companies in economically weaker countries and thereby providing employement opportunities to locals. This could change the lives of millions of people. It is known that youngsters has the power to change the nation's economy. So it is important for any country to provide their youngsters with opportunities and bring out their potential.

Investing in startups of poorer countries is another way of helping them. Every country has their own strengths. It is important for developed nations to identify them and invest on those areas so that both countries could be benefited.

To conclude, helping poorer countries when in need is something which is to be appreciated. But giving money only does not solve the problem. There are more ways of helping as mentioned earlier. It would be better if developed nations follow these things so that they could help in a better way.

Nov 20, 2023
task 2
by: Anonymous

In the contemporary landscape, English is acknowledged globally for effective communication. Prioritising English in school curriculum rather than giving importance to other local languages is a questionable trend. In my point of view, studying English is crucial to grab global opportunities. This essay will shed light into the possible debatable points of the topic.

Foremost, teaching English in can improve the proficiency level in people which can aid their future. For instance, higher proficiency in English can enhance their chances of getting hired as many employers are looking for the communications skills. Moreover, Knowledge in English also effect the confidence level of the people. For example, Fluency can English help people effectively communicate in a conference and address all defences with high level of confidence and also to convey what he exactly meant.

On the flip side of the coin, not giving much importance for the native languages can lead to their extinction. To explain, Prioritising English will end up in an inhibition in transmitting it to the coming generations and thereby they are unaware of their root. On the top of that, neglecting these languages can destroy the culture. Languages are the storage houses of cultural essence and not using it can ultimately end up in fluctuating this culture of the community.

In conclusion, Prioritising English than other native languages have its pros and cons. But, to enhance a man’s personal growth it is a pivotal thing. A balanced way of teaching both in school can aid personal growth and also save the native languages from extinction.

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