IELTS Task 1 Data Misinterpretation

by Nam
(Viet Nam)

Dear Ielts Buddy,

What if I misinterpret the data in writing task 1?

If I misinterpret the most important data groups which leads to a misguided general trend statement.

Thank you so much.

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Jan 22, 2017
IELTS Task 1 Data misinterpretation
by: IELTS buddy

Hi Nam,

If you misinterpret the data, then your score will be affected for the first of the four marking criteria, "Task Achievement".

For example, at worst, if there are a lot of noticeable problems in your description, you could be knocked down to a band 4 for TA:

"May confuse key features/bullet points with detail; parts may be unclear,irrelevant, repetitive or inaccurate"

But it's impossible to judge how a Task 1 will be affected without seeing it. One small error may make little difference, but several is more likely to.

And you mentioned specifically the general trend, by which I assume you mean the general overview at the beginning.

So that as just one error could possibly have a small impact, but really as I said predictions can't be made without seeing exactly what the error is.

So as a final point, to avoid this happening, always analyse the graph, pie chart etc. very carefully before you start writing to make sure you fully understand the data and what it is presenting. If you misunderstand one or more things and thus make errors throughout your response, it could have a very negative affect on your score.

Jan 22, 2017
Task 1 misunderstanding
by: Sirvan zamani

Hi there,

By misunderstanding task 1 your writing would be completely deviated and the outcome will be an irrelevant script that no one understands what it's about.

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