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Post here if you have any questions or comments about writing graphs, diagrams, pie charts, processes or maps, or if you have any other questions or comments about this part of the test.

If you wish to post a Task 1 graph you have written, please do not post it here. Post it in the Graph Feedback Forum.

For letters, post them in the Letter Feedback Forum.

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Starting the IELTS Writing Task 1 
Can I start my writing task 1 first sentence with, For example The data below depicts information about ..... The given chart illustrates....... …

What happens if I memorise sentences for IELTS writing? 
Per the public band descriptors, if a Task 1 academic has "no clear overview" it earns no better than a band 5 for C&C. I'm an English teacher who …

IELTS Task 1 Data Misinterpretation 
In Writing task 1, I misinterpreted one table (in all 2 were given) and wrote my answer based on that interpretation (actually I mistook 'number of potatoes …

Paragraphing in IELTS Writing Task 1 
I took academic IELTS test 8th April 2017 and here are my results L: 8 R: 8 S: 7.5 W: 6 I wrote one of my best writings but I forgot to to …

Grammar Questions for IELTS Task 1 
Articles with Nouns I read that indefinite article a/an is used for countable nouns only. Comparing the following two sentences, which of these …

Complex Sentences in IELTS Task 1 
My first language is NOT English. Currently I am preparing for IELTS exam. Today I saw a youtube video about IELTS writing task. In this video, the …

How do I Organise the IELTS Academic Task 1? 
Starting the Academic Task 1 Hi, How could I start my answer?

Use of tenses in the IELTS Academic Task 1 
When do we use the future tense for graphs? If a line graph shows some data in future (e.g. till 2025), must we use future simple tense for the …

How to use numerical data in the IELTS Task 1 
I didn't refer to the data. Will this affect my score? Hi, I attended Academic IELTS recently. I just have a point to discuss with regards to the …

What happens if I didn't finish the IELTS Task 1? 
Hi I've done the ielts test this morning. I had no problems with all the sections, but writing test one: I ran out of time and I didn't finish the first …

Responding to the Different Types of Task 1 
How can I respond to this Line Graph? This graph is a little bit different from the others, so I am confused. Can you help me to describe this graph? …

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