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Nov 18, 2019

IELTS Listening Test with Answers

In this ielts listening test with answers you will hear the audio and as the answers come they appear in the gap on the test sheet.

Continue reading "IELTS Listening Test with Answers"

Oct 03, 2019

Complaint to a Sports Centre

There is a problem with the changing rooms in the sports centre that you visit. You have complained several times but with no success. Write a letter

Continue reading "Complaint to a Sports Centre"

Sep 18, 2019

Latest IELTS Writing Topics - Recent IELTS exam writing questions.

Do you want to know what some of the latest IELTS writing topics have been? Here you can view real recent IELTS exam writing questions. They are from the Academic and General Test. You can also post the question you had if you recently took the test.

Continue reading "Latest IELTS Writing Topics - Recent IELTS exam writing questions. "

Aug 28, 2019

IELTS Band 9 Letters

Highly scoring IELTS band 9 letters are not easy to write. The lesson shows you what you need to do to achieve a high score for your general training task 1.

Continue reading "IELTS Band 9 Letters"

Aug 23, 2019

IELTS Table - Number of Mobile Phones Sold

The provided table illustrates the amount of mobile phones, measured in millions, from five different brands are sold over a period of six years. Overall,

Continue reading "IELTS Table - Number of Mobile Phones Sold"

Aug 10, 2019

How to Prepare for IELTS: Tips to get you started.

Knowing how to prepare for IELTS is crucial in order to plan how to get a good score. Here you will learn 5 steps to go through to get you starting your preparation for the exam and some key questions you need to ask yourself.

Continue reading "How to Prepare for IELTS: Tips to get you started."

Aug 06, 2019

IELTS Line Graph - CO2 Emissions

The given chart illustrate how the amount of CO2 discharged by individuals in 4 seperate countries differ in a 40-year period from 1967 to 2007. All the

Continue reading "IELTS Line Graph - CO2 Emissions"

Jul 29, 2019

Essay Locally Grown Produce - IELTS Sample

IELTS sample essay locally grown produce. A recent question in the exam asked candidates to discuss whether only locally produced food should be consumed.

Continue reading "Essay Locally Grown Produce - IELTS Sample"

Jul 12, 2019

IELTS General Training - Strategies and Tips

The IELTS General Training module of the test differs from the academic test in several ways. The listening and speaking are the same, but the readings are completely different. In the writing, you still have to write an essay for Task 2, but for Task 1 it is a letter.

Continue reading "IELTS General Training - Strategies and Tips"

Jul 07, 2019

Opening and Closing a Letter

In this lesson you will learn about opening and closing a letter for the IELTS task 1 General Training.

Continue reading " Opening and Closing a Letter"

Jul 03, 2019

Older Children Living at Home Essay

Please review the below essay and please share the band of my essay also so that I can improve my band. Many parents encourage young people to leave home

Continue reading "Older Children Living at Home Essay"

Jul 02, 2019

IELTS New Zealand Test Dates and Immigration Information

Check for IELTS New Zealand Test Dates and Immigration Information. If you are looking to work, live or study in New Zealand, IELTS is widely accepted, and is accepted by immigration.

Continue reading "IELTS New Zealand Test Dates and Immigration Information"

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