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Problems with clauses and sentence structure 
Is it - I remember the day THAT or WHEN the accident happened?

Problems with Auxiliary Verbs 
In which situation should we use may/might?

About Articles 
hello, My problem is that in academic writing portion, i usually get confused that where to put article exactly although i know theoretically meaning …

First of all I want to thank you for making this site, for it is very helpful. As your explanations are very understandable, I want to ask if you can …

Gerunds and infinitives 
Please, could you answer this and why this the good answer? - we don't expect (there to be, there being) any problem with your visa application. …

What grammar is needed for IELTS? 
Is above highlighted grammar is sufficient for ielts practice??? What extra grammer is required for ielts???

Problems with Subjects Verbs and Objects 

When do we use the passive? 
How and when do I use the passive?

Problems with Adverbs of Frequency 
Is it OK to place the adverb 'sometimes' after the verb, like this: "Mary goes sometimes to the gym".

Problems with tenses 
Please explain the present, past and future tenses present tense past tense future tense

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